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The world needs more heroes : WHD2014 & WPD2014

“Humanitarian workers and their families are hit hardest by these crimes. But they are also felt by millions of others. [..] Let us honour the fallen by protecting those who carry on their work – and supporting humanitarian relief operations worldwide.”
Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
Today we are celebrating two special days. World Humanitarian World Humanitarian Day and World Photography Day.

Both are important because without photography, we could not recognize the humanitarian work of all the volunteers around the world.

World Humanitarian Day is a time to recognize those who face danger and adversity in order to help others.

Europe has a long and proud tradition of humanitarian service and is the birthplace of many of the world’s largest and most efficient relief organisations.

Throughout the years, EU Member States have engaged actively and donated generously to support the victims of numerous humanitarian emergencies.

Every day, humanitarian aid workers help millions of people around the world, regardless of who they are and where they are. World Humanitarian Day is a global celebration of people helping people.
World Humanitarian Day is also an opportunity to celebrate the spirit that inspires humanitarian work around the globe.
This year the UN and its humanitarian partners continue their ground-breaking campaign called The world needs more… which is the first-of-its-kind project that turns words into aid.

"I believe that photography has the power to tell stories, inspire generations and initiate change in the world."

Korshe Ara , founder

World Photo Day hosted its first global, online gallery in 2010 with the goal to unite local and global communities in a worldwide celebration of photography.
Since its initial launch, The World Photo Day project has grown from an idea into a global event as photographers around the globe have joined the celebration.

World Photo Day Online Exhibition 2014
Between August 19-26 WPD opens a global gallery for submissions. Get involved with World Photo Day 2014 and share a small part of your world.


Humanitarianism it’s human beings at their cooperative, collaborative best and it happens all over the place, everyday, through informal activities that are built naturally into healthy communities and relationships.

How can we not include these two great events in the school curriculum. And why not join the two of them in a common project. It would be wonderful.

Invite your students to visit WHD website and WPD website to participate in one or two activities proposed. There are so many ! 

Oh ! By the way, the older students will be excited to read on Facebook and Twittter that #DavidGuetta has partnered with the United Nations for "The World Needs More. . ." campaign to help raise money for humanitarian needs around the world.

They will be so motivated to include different activities in their class work using the media. 

Let them show how they are 'digital' citizens. Of course, you as educators need to have social media guidelines in the classroom to help the students to be responsible online. I am sure you you know that. I wrote a lot about it on this blog.

Activities :
  • Students can send a message/ tweet directly from #WHD website.
  • They can do a #selfie of a humanitarian actin and/or do a shot of a good action they saw on the street, at the school, even at home.
  • Perhaps they have in the family, a member who is a volunteer? They will be proud to share the story and a pic - who knows - with you and their classmates.
  • Students can share their class projects on the official websites #WHD and #WPD, on the school website, even on a blog if the class have one.
  • They can participate at the Global gallery of #WPD until the 26th August 2014 uploading photos.
They will love to publish the photos on the social media : Facebook, Twitter, Pintarest, Google + and interact with some students from other schools (school account ; individual account.)

Level : All levels

Of course educators will include different activities adjusting to the level they are teaching. I'm sure you will be creative.

Curriculum : Civics, Languages ; Geography ; History ; Photography ; Music ; other.

“With solidarity, you will be more talented and handier, you will be taller and stronger, faster and wiser!” 

Mehmet Murat ildan


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