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July rundown of the most read posts : off on holiday

Espresso on holiday
illustration : Soledad Bravi

Off on holiday ! Now it's the time ! Well, finally I could have my summer holiday week. Not in Paris this year. But in Portugal! My beautiful country!

Sunset on the Atlantic ocean| Porto
Miguel photos

Summer break is obviously one of the best things humankind has ever come up with, I am excited! It's my 'real' time off this year.

I am looking forward to enjoy some summer activities. Going to the beach, relaxing reading, interesting concerts with family and friends

Impossible to forget books. Love reading on the beach or at a relaxing terrace. I am curious about the last J.K. Rowling fiction The Silkworm, I am reading The Cuckoo’s Calling.

Of course I love J.K. Rowling ! I read Harry Pottter saga in the classroom with my students.

In fact, I read an interesting article based on a research about Harry Potter's generation. Reading Harry Potter books has been helping to reduce prejudice.

That’s the conclusion of research just published in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology. It finds that, among young people, "reading J.K. Rowling’s book series—and, crucially, identifying with the lead character—can reduce bias toward stigmatized minority groups." 

Interesting! Harry Potter is back ? is the 2nd most-read post of July.

Here are the most popular posts of the last month:
On July I wrote in English  French and Portuguese.

Wherever you are for holidays, I hope that you are enjoying your summer holidays  very much!

I'll be back to posting the normal roundup second week of August.

"Don’t worry about things. Don’t push. Just do your work and you’ll survive.The important thing is to have a ball, to be joyful, to be loving and to be explosive. Out of that comes everything and you grow."

Ray Bradbury



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