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Reading at school: Augui interactive books

screenshot Rain Potion

"Can you imagine a world without magic?Neither can Augui! That is why her mission is to bring back the magic to the world. 

But Augui cannot do this without your help and the help of other kids.
Augui welcomes you to her magical adventures!

Christmas time is here. Reading is a wonderful skill and if you have good resources, students and children would love to read.

So, let's talk about Augui the Witch of the Moon. This post is a bilingual post, Portuguese and English languages, as the app.

A editora portuguesa Lêleh Land, numa parceria tecnológica da empresa também nacional IT People, lançou uma aplicação (app) para iPad com livros infantis interactivos.

A série inicia-se com dois livros: Augui e o Mistério do Vale das Fadas, edição gratuita de lançamento e Augui e a Poção da Chuva (3,59 euros). 


A criança é convidada a ajudar a Augui a encontrar um ingrediente raro em cada história, ao longo de toda a série. 


Cada ingrediente representa um valor humano: Amor, Paz, Respeito, Coragem, Verdade, Amizade e Lealdade.

Nível etário:

Recomendados para crianças a partir dos quatro anos 

Nível escolar: Pré Primário; Primário

  • Português
  • Inglês
Dispositivo: iPad

navegação adequa-se às diferentes idades a que se destina a história, os menus mudam e têm surpresas consoante a época do ano e a Augui comunica directamente com a criança.


App Store.

Priviacidade: Aos Pais e Educadores

A editora Lêleh Land explica que um dos maiores cuidados no desenvolvimento destas aplicações foi a segurança da privacidade das crianças. 

aplicação (app) não tem quaisquer ligações à web, anúncios, redes sociais ou compras integradas nas suas aplicações.

The Portuguese editor Lêleh Land Land has released Augui the Witch of the Moon, two interactive story books for kids. 

It is one of the Top 5 Apps of the Week, December 7, 2013 on iHeartThisApp


Augui is an engaging series of interactive storybooks. Meet Augui, the fantastic Witch of the Moon. Augui lives with her granddaughter Feelu in a fantastic place called Mount Abacaba. Augui's mission is to save the fairies and bring magic back to the world. Follow Augui on her amazing adventures as she searches for seven rare ingredients and a terrifying Creature. 

1. Augui and the Mystery of the Fairy Valley:

Augui is the Witch of the Moon and her mission is to save the fairies who have been frozen in time. All that is known is that a terrible creature cast a spell on the fairies. How will Augui be able to save the fairies and bring the magic back to the world?

screenshot The Mistery of the Fairy Valley

Augui needs your help! "Magic is fading away and it's my mission to bring it back. The world needs Magic! 

We need kindness, honesty and peace," says Augui, the Witch of the Moon. 

This wonderful story reveals what happened to the fairies at Fairy Valley and the secret on how to save them. 

screenshot The Mistery of the Fairy Valley

Level(s): Kindergarten; Primary.

Interactive stories are recommended for children:
  • With adult's assistance: 4-6 years old
  • Reading alone: 7-10 years old
  • English
  • Portuguese

screenshot Rain Potion

2. Augui and the Rain Potion:

Augui needs your help! What happens when a little girl drinks a rain potion? She can't stop crying! And now it's up to Augui to find a solution. Help Augui cure Feelu by choosing one of several options: try more potions, go for a walk, call the Grand Wizard or have a cup of tea. 

A delightful adventure filled with wonderful characters.

screenshot Rain Potion

Gadget: iPad


Each ingredient represents a human value:

Love; Peace; Respect; Courage; Truth; Friendship; Loyalty.

screeenshot Augui the with of the moon

General information:

Each storybook app is an adventure in itself. Children have to participate actively and interact with the story in order to move it forward. 

Most importantly, children will have to work together with Augui to bring magic back to the world. 

In each storybook app, children must help Augui find one of the ingredients. Each rare ingredient represents a human value: Love, Peace, Respect, Courage, Truth, Friendship and Loyalty.

Special features:

  • Intuitive interactivity and navigation suitable for all ages
  • A Hint's Corner if help is needed 
  • Original soundtrack and amazing sound effects
  • Original illustrations and fantastic visual effects
  • Highlighted text to ease reading
  • Engaging narration (set to on or off)
  • Each ingredient represents a human value. 

Augui's website:
  • Explore Augui's fun-filled website, designed especially for
  • Meet interesting Abacabians
  • Explore Mount Abacaba's wonderful places
  • Read The Abacabian News
  • Ask Augui a question
  • Feel safe as there are no ads or external links

Interactive stories most important concern is children’s privacy. That is why Lêleh editor have decided not to include links, ads, social features or in-app purchases whatsoever! 

IT does not collect location or personal information.

Parents/Teachers's Notice


•There are no links, ads, social features or in-app purchases whatsoever

•No collect location or personal information

•Read the full privacy policy by visiting



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I write often about the importance of reading at school or at home. No matter the resources we can choose on formal learning and informal learning.

Augui’s stories are full of adventure, enchantment, and love. Sofia Caessa has written them in hopes of instilling virtues in children such as “love, friendship, peace, truth, loyalty, respect, and courage.” 

Each adventure will highlight one of these virtues. They are represented by each of the rare ingredients needed to free fairies. 

Don't underestimate the power of magic of reading in the classroom with your students appealing to all the captivating resources. 

If your students/children love adventures and fairy tales, they will love this app, for sure!

Read with your students/child
ren Show them the wonders of their imaginations!

Encourage their creativity, and never let them lose their sense of wonder.

" There is no substitute for books in the life of a child".

Mary Ellen Chase (1950)

Hoping you would like to read Augui the witch of the moon in the classroom or recommend it to parents for Christmas!


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