Saturday, October 5, 2013

World Teachers' Day : what about support and training?

Teachers’ professional knowledge and skills are the most important factor for quality education. 
This World Teachers’ Day, we call for teachers to receive stronger training upfront and continual professional development and support..." 

Irina Bokova, UNESCO Director-General

October 5! Today is Teachers' Day! And the day of all teachers in the world! I hope you feel happy to be a teacher as I was all along my career and still am.

This year the theme is "A call for Teachers" !

"A Call for Teachers!” is the slogan of World Teachers’ Day 2013 (5 Octobour Organization (ILO), UNDPUNICEF and Education International (EI).  er), which UNESCO is celebrating along with its partners, the International Lab

Teachers are the most powerful force for equity, access and quality education, a call for teachers means calling for quality education for all. Agree! 

Quality education offers hope and the promise of a better standard of living. There is no stronger foundation for lasting peace and sustainable development than a quality education provided by well trained, valued, supported and motivated teachers.

Why a call for teachers?

"There is a huge shortage of professional, well-trained and well-supported teachers to achieve better quality education. The challenge of recruiting teachers does not lie just in the numbers, but in the provision of quality teachers. Far too often teachers remain under-qualified, poorly paid and with low status."

On World Teachers' Day, the ILO salutes teachers and commits to supporting their key role in building the citizens and societies of the future, says Guy Ryder, the ILO's Director-General.

That's right! A quality education needs competent teachers and most of all motivated teachers. Without motivation, teachers can not be competent teachers and can not motivate students to learn. 

At the final discussion at the Great Lx International Conference, I heard some teachers saying that they have no motivation to teach or to enhance learning by introducing new skills an competences or technology in their courses.

I was so sad to hear that as a teacher! Teachers without a motivation generate indifferent and unmotivated students.

I can understand that crisis in European countries is not good. 'Developed' countries are facing great problems in Education system and in society. 

However teachers are among the many factors that keep children in school and influence learning and a better future. They support and help students to think critically about the new challenges, to process information from several sources, work cooperatively, tackle problems and make informed choices.

"In a globalized world, education cannot be limited to reading, writing and numeracy skills alone. It must also seek to nurture non-cognitive skills such – ie. empathy, interpersonal communication, self-confidence, curiosity - that are conducive to international understanding and solidarity."

Teachers prepare the new generations for a new world. They must be encouraged to take up this very noble profession.

Quality education depends on quality teachers and requires adequate acces training and continuous develop professionalism.

Teachers need appreciating, assessing, and improving their own levels of delivery. The competence of their workforce, too, is strongly connected to their motivation.

Teachers need support for their role in guiding children and young people to build a sustainable future to all.

Future generations are the key to any nation's success and development solutions.

"It's a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together."



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