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Olive: some values in school curriculum for Christmas

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Olive is the very first full lenght feature film shot 100% on a cell phone. The crew shot the film with a smartphone mounted to a modified 35-mm lens, to achieve a shallow depth of field. 

It’s crazy how far cellphone camera technology has advanced!

The film boasts the involvment of the two time Oscar Academy Award nominated 81 year old actress Gena Rowlands (the Notebook, A Woman Under the Influence, Gloria).


The film simply put is about a little girl that goes into the lives of three people — an old lonely woman, a foreigner having a hard time acclimating in the United States, and an obese man — and transforms their lives without saying one word!

“Technology is moving so quickly and cellphones are really going to be the thing that does everything eventually,” director Hooman Khalili told AFP in an interview ahead of the US theater release of his movie on December 16, 2011.

Set for release in Los Angeles next week, the movie is eligible to be nominated for the Oscars in February.

“I thought, how great would it be to have a central character that doesn't speak but you understant everything she is trying to communicate,”

 Hooman Khalili (director)



It's Christmas time! So many people are alone in this season.

Olive could be an interesting motivation to introduce the importance of values in school education. Here we can explore solidarity:

  • Sometimes, young people cross other old people who have problems about loneliness. It is not so difficult helping them with a word or a smile and introduce some shine into their lives with a single gesture.

  • Every Christmas season, when December began, we had solidarity activities that students developed in Languages curriculum. 

  • I do remember, two years ago, propose different activities. I introduced the subject and students chose the activity. There were two or three, but the classes chose writing Christmas cards and send them by mail to three elderly homes.

The old people in those elderly homes (women and men) were so touched that some of them answered to my students telling how lonely they were feeling and the joy of receiving a card from somebody for the first time in years.

So, after Christmas season, we decided to visit the elderly homes to meet those old people ! They were so touched and a good experience to students. They felt very happy about their activity.

“Every single one of us at one time of our lives is down in a ditch… The way you get out of that ditch is by having someone reach you with their hand and pull you out,” 

Hooman Khalili


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