Sunday, December 11, 2011

Pat Metheny... because it's Sunday!

Pat Metheney | New Album

What’s It All About, we have, yet again, another angle to consider in the Metheny oeuvre

After nearly 40 recordings under his own name, this is the first Metheny album where there is not a single Metheny composition represented. 

But far from being a “covers” album, this a personal view of ten classic songs, some very well known, some less so, filtered through the harmonic and melodic ideology of a modern master with a most individual approach."

Pat Metheny's beautiful solo guitar record, What's It All About has been nominated for a 2012 Grammy award. 

This is the 35th Grammy nomination for Metheny.


Why not talk about Pat Metheny in your Music class for those kids who love the guitar? Let them hear the new album and asking about it.


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