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Google doodle goes on a Portuguese Tram

Lisbon Tram 110th Anniversary 2011 hp Doodle: 110º Aniversário da Inauguração da Primeira Linha de Carros Elétricos em Portugal

Google celebrates today, with a colourful doodle, the 110th anniversary of the first Portuguese tramway line, between Cais do Sodré and Algés, in Lisbon.

How nice! Google letter by letter enters in a Portuguese tramway! It could be an interesting motivation to start a new lesson in Civics or Languages curriculum about old but always 'fancy' transports in some big cities.

Tramway 28 | Lisbon

So, let's start with some tips about cultural traditions as a brief motivation to learn about different cities of the world.


The tramway is an urban transport from the XIXth century. And it is still working in some European countries, and some American cities (United States and South America), Australia and New Zealand.

1.General information: Ask your students to make a researching work about trams on Wikipedia. 

They can use their smartphones, or ipads (if you are teaching in a 'lucky' school).

2. Civilization: After this first information, the teacher will ask the students to make another researching work, this time about countries that in our days are using the tramway and in which cities.

2.1. After a good individual researching work about the cities that are using trams as a public transport, invite students to join in groups.

2.2. Each group will choose a different city and will develop a project. For example, a touristic tour.

Note: The fair way to distribute cities' names among students is the raffle.

3. Each group will prepare a little video on YouTube, using their smarphones or the ipads that will be presented in the classroom in a next lesson. Take a week at least (for high junior education).


Each group of students learned about a city in the world that is using trams. So, they will share their cultural knowledge with the colleagues.

Teacher and students are asked to make some questions about each city (history, geography, culture).
Miniatura do Eléctrico 163

Tramway model
In Porto, Portugal, there is an interesting Museum. The Tramway Museum! The Tramway Museum of Porto is open to tourists and to schools.

The Museum has  an impressive collection of antique trams. The museum is well prepared for various activities with students (different education levels).

Meanwhile, watch the video below with the most famous line of Lisbon. The  line 28! It is well known by touristic guides.

I hope you and your students might enjoy this little 'Google tramway tour' activity in two Portuguese cities, Lisbon and Porto.

Just a little motivation for an amusing but cultural lesson!


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