Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Young blind can finish Abe´s Exoddus game

Video game Abe's Exodus/ Screen Shot

The studio Oddworld Inhabitants that created Oddworld franchise, presented Terry Garrett, an american young man, blind, 23 years old, engineering student, who managed to finish 'Abe's Exoddus' being guided only by the game's sound effects.

Terry Garrett

Garrett lost his sight in 1997 at age 10. That same year, his older brother brought home Oddworld: Abe's OddyseeEntranced by the game's charming narrator, Abe - a Mudokon slave with his lips sewn shut - Garrett set out to make his way through Oddworld‘s danger-filled settings.

Video game Abe's Exodus/ Screen Shot
In an interview posted on the video, Terry Garrett explains how he manages to overcome the many difficulties presented in the adventure, taking full advantage of clues created by the sound effects of Oddworld's  department of soundscape .

“Through Abe’s sounds, I was able to figure out how to navigate the world,” 

Garrett, Wired

So, watch and listen the video below. Something amazing!


A good tool for motivating students with disabilities in the classroom. They can understand how important is to face the difficulties by  using their creativity.

Planning video games for students with disabilities


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