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John Barry, a musical tribute

Golden touch ... John Barry at the Royal Albert Hall in 1999
credits: Brian Rasic/Rex Features

"John Barry the composer who was as pop as the Beatles"

Bob StanleyThe Guardian

 Five-time Oscar-winning composer John Barry, who wrote music for nine or ten James Bond films, including "You Only Live Twice" and "Goldfinger" has died last month, in New York.

He scored dozens of films, that called for music to express a wide variety of human emotions and dramatic situations.  The britsh composer of jazzy scores for  “From Russia With Love", "Goldfinger” and other James Bond films won five Academy Awards as a composer for “Born Free,” “Dances With Wolves” and other films. 

"Barry's influence was not just in the strange beauty of his chord sequences but also his taste for unusual instrumentation: there were plucked harps, there were Moogs (again, ahead of pretty much everyone in the UK) used to heighten suspense and mystery, and most importantly there was the cimbalom."

Bob StanleyThe Guardian

He will remain in our swetest memoirs touched by movies as "Dances with Wolves", "Out of Africa", "Indecent Proposal", "The Cotton Club" among others. 

It is impossible to wrote of a 50-year career briefly. I  love good movies! And I think the soundtrack is one of the best elements of a film. John Barry touched many lives with his poetic soundracks.

In an interview in 2008 with The Irish Times, Barry said his success "was not that difficult."

"If you hit the right formula, if you have an instinct for music, if you apply it, if you have the good fortune to meet with certain people who teach you well ... I didn't find it all that difficult," 

John Barry, AP London

It is very noble from Barry not to forget the importance of a good teacher!

In the video below, Goldfinger by the London Orchestra conducted by John Barry.

"His soundtracks provided the backing to our lives as much as they did to the films he scored (no exaggeration), his music is everywhere and always will be."

Phelim O'Neill, The Guardian

“I like to score the inner feelings of a character — get into their shoes in an imaginative way and take the audience there and enlighten them in a poetic rather than realistic way,”

John Barry, NYT, 2000


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