Sunday, February 27, 2011

Portugal...what else ?

Portugal what else?! Of course! It's my country!

Spring is back! Here am I taking a walk near the Atlantic Ocean, or walking at the park of Fundação de Serralves - may be sit down a bit on the lovely terrace on the 1st floor to take a coffee and read a book. 

If time was not cold, I would like to take the bike and follow the Douro river riding on a bike from Foz do Douro (Atlantic Ocean) to Ribeira (Douro river). 

Oh, yes, the sky is splendid,
So blue as it now,
The air and light are blended,
Oh yes, hot, anyhow,(...)

Fernando Pessoa, The Happy Sun is Shining,
90 last Poems, 22.11.1935


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