Sunday, January 30, 2011

Joanna Newsom, whimsically poetic!

Joanna Newsom/ Casa da Musica
Foto: Tribo da Luz (PT)

On Monday night, January 24th 2011 at Casa da Musica, Joanna Newsom played all of her new album Have one on Me, surrounded by five good musicians who replicated those arrangements with a folkier sound: accordion guitar, banjo and bouzouki instead of violins, violas, cellos and woodwinds.

Joanna Newsom, singer, songwriter and harpist is one of indie music’s leading lights, at the moment.  She defies easy categorisation...

She started her performance with “The Book of Right-On,” in which she built a powerfully percussive, syncopated vamp all by herself. 

Joanna Newsom/ Casa da Musica
Foto Paulo Pimenta (PT)

There’s something to watching her play the harp! She is an amazing player on this beautiful instrument. Her voice often discribed as childlike. Her voice ranging from a silky smooth tone to a cry of anguish remember me the wonderful songwriter Kate Bush.

She brought the medieval sound of Europe and some folk legends that she sings and plays poetically.

The audience were convinced that this californian young harp virtuoso happens to be one of the world's greatest young singer-songwriters. We deeply applauded her talent! And her musicians!

She played 'On a Good Day' and 'Baby Birch' , as an encore. This was a show in which an encore was needed as relief of her talent and sympathy.

Here Joanna Newsom playing live at Jools Holland show

"Since Ms. Newsom released her debut album, “The Milk-Eyed Mender,” in 2004, her music has been labeled indie-rock, singer-songwriter ballads and freak-folk. None of those categories is an exact fit for songs that are simultaneously private whimsies and grand parables, delicate and steely, childlike and sage."


Here's a really interesting teaching resource focussing on instrumental education. 

Music students wanting to witness outstanding music teaching in action.

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