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Herbie Hancock: Imagine

"The Imagine Project is a 21st century Love-In, complete with psychedelia (Dave Matthews singing The Beatles' "Tomorrow Never Knows") and some groovy, good-time peace and love (singer Susan Tedeschi and slide guitarist Derek Trucks, stretching out on "Space Captain," made famous by Joe Cocker). Peter Gabriel's gentle "Don't Give Up" retains its writer's world interests in a duet partnering pop megastar Pink and R&B singer John Legend, but with some tasty contributions from guitarist Jeff Beck"

Photo: Tribo de Luz, Portugal

December, 9th I have been at Casa da Musica to listen Herbie Hancock. The composer and keyboardist presented his musical project of peace, inspired by John Lennon's song "Imagine".

"It's a peace proposal"
     Herbie Hancock

Collaborating with legendary trumpeter Miles Davis on the early nexus of jazz and rock, Hancock is considered one of the pioneers in the integration of funk, soul, hip-hop and synthesizer (electronic music) in jazz.

His musicians James Genus (bass), Trevor Laurence Jr (percussion), Greg Phillinganes (keyboards), Lionel Loueke (guitar), and Kristina Train (voice and violin). Excelllent musicians!

"The Imagine Project shall remain at its core, entertainment content that is creatively and emotionally deeply fulfulling."

Photo: Tribo de Luz, Portugal

The beautiful Guilhermina Suggia room was complete! 

Famous songs like 'Imagine', 'Don't give up', 'Times are a changing' and others have been reinvented with talent by the amazing musicians.

It was impossible to have all the international musicians that night on stage. 

But the impressive jazz musicians there, in front of us, did a wonderful performance in the art of improvisation and contact to the audience!

After two hours of splendid jazz music, Herbie Hancock and his musicians played an encore: "Rockit", one of his great hip-hop and electronic classics.
Wonderful breakdance sound! Big aplause! And when Herbie Hancock (70 years old) and his musicians begin to dance, the entire room has followed them!

Here the beautiful theme of Kate Bush featured by Pink and John Legend of the album "The Imagine Project".

Há poucas personalidades com um impacto na história do jazz comparável ao de Herbie Hancock. O seu 70º aniversário deu origem ao álbum comemorativo intitulado The Imagine Project, preenchido por canções tão célebres como "The Times They Are A Changing" (Dylan), "Imagine" (Lennon), "Tomorrow Never Knows" e outras. Gravado em múltiplos locais com convidados de todo o mundo, dá agora lugar a uma tournée com o mesmo título e com uma banda de músicos soberbos, onde a voz terá um papel destacado.


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