Saturday, July 10, 2010

iPad features & Education ?

iPad is not for sale in Portugal... not yet!

But when we see this video we are looking forward to test this amazing innovative device to use into school curriculum! Don't you think? It's love at first site!

Some opinions:

But people who know it well say that the Apple tablet is heavier than Kindle. It's necessary to hold iPad with both hands. And it slides easily on our knees. No problem. Kindle will disappear... not iPad.

When we write on iPad is a bit boring because finger touches stay on screen and the reflexes as well. 

credits: Apple

The keyboard is strait, the accents and punctuation are very hard to do, even with auto-correction! But browsing is so fast! Image and sound so marvelous!

Tired, they say, but fascinated!

Steve Jobs said that more than a million of iPad tablets were sold in 28 days! Wow! And more than 5 millions of e-books to the tablet were download in the first 65 days from iBookstore that is the store of e-books from Apple.

iBooks App

Reading children's books on iPad ? That must be quite amazing for kids who love technology. They are growing up with tech. Yet even with all the extras, reading is so natural on iPad, the technology seems to disappear.

Alice in Wonderland| iPad
credits: Apple

Do you remember Alice in Wonderland for iPad ? It was so fun and so beautiful! I was fascinated! I'm not a digital native, but I'm a digital pioneer  and proud to be! Technology is growing up and I can use it I can follow all the amazing evolution of new technologies.

On YouTube you can watch some videos showing 2-year-old children interacting easily with iPad! That's not amazing! Children are born on the digital era. They are natural digital natives.

Marvel Comics (demonstration)

For example, reading comics with Marvel application is like to enter in another dimension. True, right?

The application eBooks, as well as being available on iPad, is available on iPhone since April, free download through the App Store.

The application includes iBookstore (interesting!) which allows to browse, buy and read on a mobile device over than 60,000 titles available.

When students are reading a book, they may to do marks, highlights and notes. They can do it on eBooks, read and write PDF directly in the application. 

And they will be able to read the same book on their iPad, on iPhone or iPod touch! Wow! eBooks on kids pocket.

A new and wonderful media world to use in Education! I 'm sure that young people will love reading on devices. Exciting!



You can use iPad into school curriculum to read and study a certain book/ebook you choose to include into your lessons.

Students will be delighted! Just pick the right app to the level you are teaching.



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