Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Vizati a Portuguese video game

Portuguese Different Pixel

Different Pixel (Portugal) prepara-se para lançar um belo puzzle game. Chama-se Vizati e vem da softwarehouse portuguesa Different Pixel. Os autores são os dois jovens Rita Silva e David Amador.

A ideia é juntar pedras por cor, havendo dois modos de jogo: um História e outro Arcade.


Vizati estará disponível para download no dia 11 de Junho, no Gamersgate.

Preço : 7,45 euros.

Entretanto, fiquem com esta obra nacional, dando uma olhadela pelos ecrãs e pelo teaser.


Vizati is a puzzle game that will put your mind to the test. It has been created by two young people Rita Silva and David Amador from Different Pixel (Portugal).


Students will appreciate a this puzzle that will keep them mentally untangle a problem, then crack it using a few considered manoeuvres.

The game has two modes: arcade and story.

  • Arcade: students must to rotate a magical cube to connect (group) the little vizati stones by color and figure out the best way to do it with a limited number of rotations/moves. 

  • Story: They can play the Story Mode and follow the story between Julie and Peter who discovered the Vizati cube, or play the Arcade Mode, which is a rawer, faster and even more teasing mode.

"Indeed, it's the gentile nature and subtle story that decorates Vizati's mind-bending main mode that sticks with you, above everything else. With the square itself sat somewhere in the countryside, life actually goes on around you during play, with passers by reacting to its movements and setting off the whole of play with an unusual, but nonetheless memorable, context."

Keith Andrew, Gamezebo



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