Friday, May 18, 2018

Schools : Go to a Museum ! It's International Museum Day !

On May 18th, Museums of the world are celebrating International Museum Day with free admission and other special activities. The worldwide community of museums will celebrate International Museum Day on and around 18 May 2018.

The International Council of Museums (ICOM) established International Museum Day in 1977 to encourage public awareness of the role of museums in the development of society.

Theme 2018:

The theme chosen for 2018 is "Hyperconnected museums: New approaches, new publics". 

"Hyperconnectivity is a term invented in 2001 to design the multiple means of communication we have today, such as face-to-face contact, email, instant messaging, telephone or the Internet. This global network of connections becomes each day more complex, diverse and integrated. In the hyperconnected world of today, museums join the trend. This is the reason why the International Council of Museums (ICOM) has chosen the theme “Hyperconnected museums: New approaches, new publics” for the International Museum Day 2018."

The objective of International Museum Day is to raise awareness of the fact that, “Museums are an important means of cultural exchange, enrichment of cultures and development of mutual understanding, cooperation and peace among peoples.” 

Organised on and around 18 May each year, the events and activities planned to celebrate International Museum Day can last a day, a night, a weekend or a whole week.

Participation in International Museum Day is growing among museums all over the world. In 2017, more than 36,000 museums participated in the event in some 157 countries.


Each year, International Museum Day gathers more museums from all around the world. In 2013, 35,000 museums from 143 countries on five continents participated to International Museum Day.

From America to Oceania, through Europe, Asia and Africa, International Museum Day is a special moment for the museum community. On this day, participating museums interpret an issue that concerns all cultural organisations. 

International Museum Day is also a fantastic opportunity for museum professionals to meet their public. At the heart of society, museums are institutions dedicated to its development.

And the public who is coming is more and more young. Teachers are a fantastic guides to help young people to enjoy Museums.

Since 2011, ICOM has been sponsoring the European Night of Museums, which is held every year on the Saturday closest to the International Museum Day.

The European Night of Museums was created in 2005 by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication. On this occasion, the closing time of the museums is postponed to approximately one in the morning, which allows the public to visit the participating museums by night, for free. 

Pour sa quatorzième édition, la Nuit des musées nous propose une multitude d'événements ce samedi 19 mai. La Nuit des Musées aura lieu le soir du 19 mai 2018.

Les musées sont d'étonnants laboratoires où s'élaborent en continu des médiations pour le jeune public. D'où, sans doute, le succès immédiat de La classe, l’œuvre!

La classe, l'ouvre experimenté pour la première fois en 2013 rapproche les écoles, établissements scolaires et musées autour des oeuvres d'art. Bravo!

Les enseignants et étudiants auront accès à une multitude d'activités. A visiter le site web

En France, il y a 2998 events already registered. Wow!


“Museums are an important means of cultural exchange, enrichment of cultures and development of mutual understanding, cooperation and peace among peoples”.

Teachers have the weekend, of course, but also an entire week to celebrate Museums at school.

Check out some pedagogical ideas to explore and support activities at a museum with your students:

  • Visit museums with your students. Please read Uma Aula no Museu  (Portuguese language) an interesting pedagogical project developing creative writing skills and artistic skills through Paula Rego paintings: cross-curricular Languages, Arts, History, IT;
  • Watching different paintings and chef-d'oeuvres, students get inspiration to write stories and draw some interesting works;
  • Include Museum events into your school curriculum. Invite your students to a weekend 'Teen Night Out' with you or their family;
  • If you have an international school project, explore an exchange experience to develop during this week and next week;

    This could be an interesting writing activity in mother language or foreign language to both countries.

Well, let us enjoy then a cultural adventure going at Museums for free for one day and one night. Believe me, your students will have fun and will develop incredible activities. Museums are preparing fantastic activities to this big day and tomorrow night.



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