Friday, October 7, 2016

September in review : the most read posts of the month

Castelo de Marvão, Portugal
credits: Luis Mirão

Autumn is there. Weather continues wonderful and students already settled into the the new school year. I hope that the first month of the new school year is going well for you. 

Today, 7 October we celebrate the National National Day of the Castle. Portugal, my country  has beautiful castles along the 800 centuries of its History.

The National Day of the Castle is celebrated every year on the 7th October. Dozens of castles, country estate and ruins open their doors to the general public. In and around these centuries-old castles many activities for young students are organized. The Day of the Castle brings history to life.

But the end of September reminds me that at the end of every month, I must compiled a list of the most popular posts of the month. 

The list is determined by the number of clicks, pageviews, and shares for each post. 

Here are the most popular posts of the last month:

Schools : Let's talk about Never Ending Story : resources 

Rentrée 2016 : Parlons de l'apprentissage des langues vivantes 

Schools : International Literacy Day : 50th Anniversary 

Games in school : ABZÛ, the game under the water in the classroom 

Education : Great women breaking the limit of sky : Jean Batten 

Schools : Education for Peace #PeaceDay 

Schools : Apps History & Culture - Hello Lisbon in AR 

Schools : European Researchers' Night : Science is Wonder-ful ! 

Well, I will be back to posting some ideas and educational resources. 


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