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MEDEA Awards 2012: The Winners

MEDEA Awards 2012

The 2012 edition of the MEDEA Awards ended November 14 November with the Awarding Ceremony at the Media & Learning Conference

As you know since 2009 I am a member of the Jury MEDEA Awards. It's a pleasure to share this interesting award that encourages innovation and good practices in the use of media in Education.

As an educator, I know how important it is to be encouraged as I was a finalist at  Global Junior Challenge in 2004.

MEDEA Awards 2012

The announcement was made during the MEDEA Awards Ceremony which took place last night as part of the Media & Learning Conference currently taking place in the Flemish Ministry of Education and Training headquarters in Brussels.

As I wrote on MEDEA Awards: Submitt your entries, this year the competition attracted 213 entries from 32 countries. The closing date for receipt of entries for MEDEA 2013 was 30 September 2013.

Storytelling emerged as an useful and effective learning method. Find the names of all the winners and highly commended below:

Quand la colère fait tomber les masques

French entry  Quand la colère fait tomber les masques is the winner of the "MEDEA 
Professional Production Award".

Quand la colère fait tomber les masques was made by Université Paris 1 in France and represented during the Awards by Catherine Loire. 

"Il s'agit d'un moyen métrage présentant le témoignage détaillé du principal acteur d'un conflit collectif de travail, le personnel se révoltant contre ce qu'il perçoit d'inhumain dans le management de la nouvelle direction."

Greek entry And the Oscar goes to... is the winner of the "MEDEA User-Generated Award".

And the Oscar goes to... was made by the 5th Primary School of Alexandroupolis (Greece) and Ecole Primaire de Rolampont (France). It was represented during the Awards by Petros Michailidis. 

It incorporates the way storytelling is used in movies in everyday teaching practice for subjects such as language learning, mathematics, social and science studies, art, English, ICT, as well as for learning attitudes like how to handle bullying. 

This project gives students the skills and competences to create their own videos on these subjects in collaboration with other countries. It gives learners an opportunity to learn to express themselves in other ways beside the  traditional written and oral communications.

Yves Punie greeting Geert Kessels

The European Collaboration Award was awarded to Historiana "Your Portal to the Past" made by EUROCLIO - European Association of History Educators, The Netherlands and represented at the Awards by Geert Kessels. 

Historiana is designed primarily for students (from age 14), and their educators (including trainee teachers). It is conceived as  being a  complementary educational resource for history, heritage and citizenship education in Europe and beyond.


The  prize for "Educational Media Encouraging Active Ageing", set up to coincide with the European Year of Active Aging and Solidarity between Generations was won by All that Jazz made by Fundación Universidad Carlos III, Spain and represented by Raúl Jiménez. 

All that Jazz is the media part of a lifelong learning course which uses multiple media: video, audio, face to face classes, presentations, DVD, as well as a class blog.

Two additional prizes were awarded, the first, the Special Jury Prize was given to Flying Start made by the University of Leeds , UK and represented by Lizzie Caperon. 

Flying Start

This entry is built around a generic core content that introduces a range of academic skills throughout the 4 week period between the students receiving ‘A’ levels and starting at university. It was given this prize in recognition of the excellence of the underlying design.

Deborah Arnold greeting Steffen Toppler

The other finalists who took part in the MEDEA Awards last night were: Schoolovision. Steffen Toppler from SchoolVision 2012 receiving the audience award for best project, at the "Medea Awards", in Brussels, on 14th November.

SchoolVision 2012 spans 38 countries across Europe, from Iceland in the north-west, to Azerbaijan in the south-east. 
Many hundreds of children are involved in this multi-award-winning eTwinning project. Portugal is represented by Cunha Rivara schoolm Évora.

Il Girotondo del Tempo made by Hyperfilm srl, Italy represented by Andrea Tua; Moving Image Techniques made by Christina dePian, Greece; SignMedia made by the University of Wolverhampton, UK and represented by Christine Jolly.

In addition to the finalists, the Organising Committee also announced 15 entries that are Highly Commended. These are:  

A letter, a Story,  Greek Educational RadioTelevision of the  Greek Ministry of Education (Greece);  Cartini Animati, Istituto Scolastico Comprensivo Statale Ponte San Nicolò (Italy);  Child's Play: An Educational Issue, Deirdre Shelly (Ireland);  Crocodox, Unaymedia (Spain); Don Giovanni dans tous ses écrans, Université Rennes 2-CREA (France); El placer de la experiencia (I) y (II),  La Red Información (Spain); Face Up, Ariel Trust (UK);  Forum of Generations @School, Obchodna academia (Slovakia); Gloria trova un vero padrone, Giunti Progetti Educativi (Italy); 
Mustard vs Ketchup, Istituto professionale "Tommaso D'Oria" (Italy); Online projects among Greek and French EFL students, Maria Markaki School of Foreign Languages (Greece); Projekt "Podróże kształcą", Miejski Zespół Szkól nr 2 (Poland); Think Sustainable -  Little Eco-houses, Scuola Brofferio - Asti, Italy; In Trouble, UAM (Spain); 

Cuentra Regressiva 1 acción = 1 cambio

And Plataforma “Cuenta Regresiva”  1 acción = 1 cambio, S.E. (Argentina);
Cuentra Regressiva 1 acción = 1 cambio "Cuenta Regresiva" pone en escena la experiencia de cuatro personajes adolescentes que se comprometen en la lucha contra el tráfico ilegal de fauna en la Argentina.

"Cuatro jóvenes en acción, la red como herramienta y un gran desafío. Sumate a esta experiencia. Vas a descubrir hechos desconocidos, a enterarte de cosas que ni siquiera imaginabas, y algo en vos sentirá la necesidad de participar. Estamos en una cuenta regresiva… el tiempo es crucial. Si actuás, algo puede cambiar."

Tráfico de Fauna es un videojuego en el cual encarnas el papel de Capu, un mono capuchino, que debe liberar a sus amigos monos enjaulados por los traficantes de fauna. Para ello deberás moverte con sigilo, para no ser detectado por los traficantes, y encontrar todas las llaves que abren las jaulas.
The videogame cab be download from here (Spanish language)
You know how I like environmental education in school curricula! So many posts I write about it! Never too much to help the new generations to contribute for the protection of the planet and endangered species.

Finalists MEDEA Awards 2012

Presentations by all the finalists were given during the Media & Learning Conference which attracted over 270 participants from 40 countries and which provides the context for this year’s MEDEA Awards. 

G-Souto (member of the Jury)

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MEDEA Awards 2012

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