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Talking about Music in public schools

"Music should be a very solid part of the education of young children."

Sir George Martin

I defend Music curriculum in schools as a serious matter! I wrote about it on several posts.

A DJ in the orchestra: what a Music lesson could be or Grand Finale: dreams come true! are only two exemples. But you will find several others if you search on this blog.

Sir George Martin was the first person to receive an honorary doctorate from Lund University's Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts and the Malmö Academy of Music (2010).

In this short interview, he talks about the importance of Music curriculum in public schools (elementary and secondary education).

He speaks about the minor role of Music teaching in public schools in UK. But the picture is not different in public schools in other European countries.

The importance of Music as social inclusion for kids  has a recognised value in different countries. 

Today, I read on Time US an interesting article about an initiative in Los Angeles that tell us how Music is changing young lives. 

Conductor Gustavo Dudamel

The YOLA initiative is inspired by the program known as El Sistema, which has taught classical music to hundreds of thousands of under-privileged Venezuelan children for more than three decades. 

"El Sistema's most famous product is L.A. Phil director Gustavo Dudamel himself."

The program offers instruction as many as four days a week to some 500 under-privileged kids in underserved areas of the city, most of them Latino or African American.

"Mozart vs the Gangstas: how classical music is changing young lives" can be read here

A fantastic initiative that proves how important Music is for changing kids behaviour keeping them away from gangs in underserved areas of the city .

The program teaches children more than just music, but also responsibility and how to be models in the community. And this is the good point about inclusiveness. 

"So now our children can make friends with kids who are musicians and not street kids."

YOLA annually provides for free a quarter million children with free musical instruments and music instruction so that they may play in youth orchestras throughout their country.


The holistic immersive approach of Music (rock, pop, classical) and the engagement of important and experencied musicians is central to achieving significant transformation, particularly to the lives of the most vulnerable children.

For Music Teachers:

The L.A. Phil announced a new project called "Take A Stand," which will set up a Master's program to educate music teachers to teach kids based on the Sistema model.

"Music is the movement of sound to reach the soul for the education of its virtue."



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La PHIL: Youth Orchestra Los Angeles

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