Sunday, January 15, 2012

Some Golden Globe Nominees: Sunday time!

(L-R) Warner Bros, Columbia TriStar, 
Fox Searchlight, The Weinstein Compan

Film and television winners  the "69th Annual Golden Globe Awards" will be announced, today January 15th, in Beverly Hills, California.

Love movies! You know it. Here some of the nominees that I watched in  theaters, the last weeks:

Motion pictures:

**** The Ides of March (Drama)

*** The Help (Drama)

*** My week with Marylin (Musical or Comedy)

**** Midnight in Paris (Comedy or Musical)

Foreign Language:

**** Le Gamin du Vélo (France)

** La piel que habito (España)

Animated Film:

**** The Adventures of Tintin

There are other films that I can't wait! For example The Artist or The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (I read the trilogy), or The Descendents. 

Read the entire list here 


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