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Portuguese App for Education

screenshot | Back in Time

Back in Time is a Portuguese App! It is a digital textbook that tells the story of the universe with a 24-hour clock, where the Big Bang starts the day and humans appear in the final seconds. 

Back in Time developped by the Portuguese entreprise Landka is in The New York Times Top 10 iPad Apps Selection for 2011 ! And it is on the Top (number 1) for five days in the United States.

Travel in Time and explore the history of the Earth, of our Universe, Life and Civilization. 

What were the defining moments in the history of Civilization, of Life, of the Universe itself? 

Back in Time is a multimedia interactive journey through those moments. 

screenshot | Back in Time

"Back in Time é um livro interativo multimédia, que conta a história do universo desde o Big Bang ao aparecimento do homem, abrangendo diferentes áreas do conhecimento: Astronomia, Ciências Naturais, Geologia e História Antiga e Moderna. "
O utilizador conta com mais de 300 imagens temáticas, 60 animações, vídeos e mais de 200 factos históricos. 
Com um preço de 5,99 euros para iPad e 3,99 euros para o iPhone, a aplicação está disponível em seis idiomas (Português, Inglês, Mandarim, Espanhol, Francês e Alemão) e uma vez instalada não precisa de Internet para funcionar. A banda sonora é do compositor Rodrigo Leão."
Nuno Barroso, Expresso

"BACK IN TIME "The coolest history textbook you’ll find on the iPad, Back in Time tells the story of the universe with a 24-hour clock, where the Big Bang starts the day and humans appear in the final seconds. 

Spin the clock’s hands and you can explore historical highlights, through videos about dark matter, text-based discussions of the Cradle of Humankind or photos of Lucy, the legendary fossil, among many others. "

For a fuller, and stunning. exploration of space, download Solar System."

Bob Tedeschi, New York Times

Please watch the video below, take a step back and see the whole picture...


  • Curricula: History (ancient and modern), Astronomy, Sciences, Geology;
For a fuller, and stunning exploration of space, download Solar System;
  • Levels: Elementary and Secondary Education; Primary education (tutoring);
  • Languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish, French, German and Mandarin.

Some informations:

  • Content: 300+ remarkable thematic images, 50+ animations and videos, 40+ illustrative timelines, 200+ little-know facts;
  • Devices: iPad; iPhone;
  • Internet: No Internet connection required;
  • Music: Rodrigo Leão, a renowned Portuguese composer and musician;
  • Price: 5,99€ for iPad; 3,99€ for iPhone;

Where to find: Apple's store

"We truly believe that learning can be a pleasant experience with this educational app."

Landka team

"Astoundingly beautiful app - and the best example of experience design for education I've seen on this platform."

Back in Time user


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Back in Time

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