Friday, November 5, 2010

I Fight Poverty! EU music contest

2010 is the European Year for combating poverty and social exclusionAlmost 84 million Europeans live at risk of poverty, which means they face insecurity, and go without what most people often take for granted.

The guiding principle of the 2010 Year is to give voice to the concerns of people who have to live with poverty and social exclusion, and to inspire every European citizen and other stakeholders to engage with these important issues.

Something needs to be done to fight poverty worldwide. And "No president, no leader, no king, no emperor... nobody's going to change this, except the people!" 

Lenny Kravitz

Inspiring words! Music is a powerful tool to fight against poverty. it can inspire people to act.

Music against poverty contest 2010 received 167 young musicians between 15-25 years-old.

27 nationalities, one message: end with poverty!

27 young musicians of Europe are hoping your vote!

The contest is closed. There will be two winners. One will be chosen from across the 27 EU countries: one chosen by our jury of professionals and the other by Internet users.

They can win a professional studio recording of their song and perform during the European Development Days in Brussels in December 2010.
A great chance to take part in an event with wide media coverage!

All the participants have their own webpage when they are advertising their songs and explain why they want to fight poverty.

There are 6 Portuguese young musicians in the final. Listen them here and vote on your favourite one. You can do it until the 7th November! 

Visit their webpages, profiles on Facebook and Twitter. And vote!! Winners will be announced on the webiste in November 2010

Portuguese participant 
Well, as you know, I believe that we can motivate our students to involve in the good world causes! Let them develop  their own projects, working on the theme of the "European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion".

They can develop vocabulay and grammar skills in a creative way in the Language classroom, and in a cross-curricula project, they can write a song in the Music classroom, developing their music skills. 

And why not presenting these projects in a school contest?!


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