Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Engage Quality Awards 2010

The ENGAGE Quality Awards recognise excellent contributions from teachers, educational practitioners, game developers and producers to the quality of game-based learning. The aim of the awards is to make the quality issues related to games and learning process by using GBL a visible topic and to increase the awareness amongst learning organizations, schools, teachers, learners, educators and practitioners, industries, and players about the educational potential of GBL.
The Engage Quality Awards will be granted in three categories:
  • Best Practice Award
  • Learning games Quality Award
  • Games inclusion Award
The deadline for submissions to the "ENGAGE Quality Awards" has been extended until 15th November 2010. For further information, read here


Computer games are beginning to break out from their console and entertainment world, and finding more constructive applications in the worlds of business and education. 

Using video games to supplement and inspire in-classroom education is more and more used for pilot teachers who try out new school models. 

Pilot teachers are finding ways to use video games to enrich and inspire interest by students in core curriculum topics.

Be a pilot teacher! 

"We have been consistently impressed and surprised at how leading  educationalists  have been adapting off the shelf video games to engage their students in rich leaning experiences“.

David Yarnton, 2010, Nintendo UK


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