Monday, November 1, 2010

Formanek & Malaby at Casa da Musica

Photo: Scott Friedlander 2008
This evening I've been at Casa da Musica  to listen Michael Formanek and Tony Malaby projects.

The Rub And Spare Change

Michael Formanek is a creative improvising bassist and a resourceful jazz composer. He brought inspired performances from his cohorts. Since 2003 he became a full-time faculty member in John Hopkins University's Jazz Studies Department.

His quartet, the musicians Tim Bern (sax ) Craig Taborn (piano) and Gerald Cleaver (drums).  Craig Taborn is one of the most exciting pianist in the jazz idiom.

Photo: Scott Friedlander 2008

He combines highly adventurous playing with the traditional jazz functions of rhythmic and harmonic understanding. He is a prestigious composer and  interpreter of bass.

The concert had two parts and presented two projects. Tony Malaby was on the first part of the concert and Formanek was on the second part of the evening! Three hours of a contemporary jazz of high quality. 

Saxophonist Tony Malaby is rapidly becoming one of the most impressive artists of his generation. The musicians Haker Flaten (bass) well known in the european jazz improvisation scene and Ches Smith (drums) fascinating approach of contemporary drumms.

Tony Malaby
Photo Willie Daves/ NYT

A free jazz concert! They are impressive jazz musicians and wonderful in the improvisation art!

We could sent the sound of the  jazz clubs of New York city in Guilhermina Suggia room

I'm not a free jazz fan! But I've the sensitive feeling to admire the quality of those musicians who are the best in contemporary jazz, listenig their live performance. 

“the formidable American bass-player Michael Formanek’s solo set ranks with the great solo bass performances.” 

The Guardian

"Mr. Malaby has a broad sound and jumbled phrasing, working up to split-tones and smeary whistles."

New York Times



(musical break in a Sunday night)
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