Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Anatomy of Digital Resources Millenium Learners - ICTE2009

The slides are based on my Poster shown at the V International Conference on Multimedia and Information and Communication Technologies in Education, Lisbon, 22-24 April 2009.

All the sessions took place in three auditoriums at Universidade Nova de Lisboa Portugal).

Themes were about Education, Chemistry, SciencesMedicine, Engineering.

My Poster presentation was very appreciated by the different speakers. It was considered a spontaneous bottom-up innovation case where ICT is successfully applied to learning practices to build digital and other key competence in Secondary Education using educational digital resources in Languages curriculum.

Some teachers asked me about my practice with my students. They  were very curious and asked for some pedagogical advice to introduce Open Educational Resources (OER) in the classroom.

My ICT pedagogical experience was the first ICT in school education successfully applied to teach and learn practices in Secondary Education in Portugal and one of the first e-learning project in Europe and in the United States (2000).

"We can not ignore all that technology."


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