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October in Review & 1st International Day of Epidemic Preparedness


1st International Day of Epidemic Preparedness

As exemplified by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic major infectious diseases and epidemics have devastating impacts on human lives, wreaking havoc on long-term social and economic development. 

For the first time since 1945, the entire world is confronted by a common threat, regardless of nationality, ethnicity or faith.

credits: UN Women/Louie Pacardo

Global health crises threaten to overwhelm already overstretched health systems, disrupt global supply chains and cause disproportionate devastation for people in the poorest and most vulnerable countries. 

There is an urgent need for resilient and robust health systems that reach everyone. So United Nations invite the world to observe the first International Day of Epidemic Preparedness on 27 December.

The UN General Assembly invite all to observe the International Day of Epidemic Preparedness annually in an appropriate manner and in accordance with national contexts and priorities, through education and awareness-raising activities, in order to highlight the importance of the prevention of, preparedness for and partnership against epidemics.

There is great need of raising awareness, the exchange of information, scientific knowledge and best practices, quality education, and advocacy programmes on epidemics at the local, national, regional and global levels as effective measures to prevent and respond to epidemics.

Must not forget at the heart of the COVID-19 pandemic, volunteers have demonstrated an exceptional display of solidarity across the world. Responding to calls for help from their local communities, they are everyday heroes.

And now, time to the review of the most popular posts of the forgotten October. Let's remember it!

Here are the most popular posts of the forgotten October:

Hoping you had a lovely Christmas although the physical distance with some of the loved ones.

Soon you're returning to school first days in January 2021. Such a great Hope with the vaccine for our eldest ones, parents, grandparents, doctors and nurses.

It's important to alert students to continue the social distance, inside and outside school! And waring masks.

Education, hope and resilience! The three most important words to share in this final year 2020.

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