Friday, October 8, 2010

Schools : Let's celebrate John Lennon !

John Lennon in New York
credits: not identified

Imagine! 70 years! John Lennon would be 70! Today Google surprised me once again. John Lennon, the Beatle singer is celebrated, today and tomorrow 9 October with a special interactive doodle to celebrate, in a poetic way, what would have been Lennon's 70th birthday.

When we enter on the search engine's home page we are greeted to an illustration which has been designed in celebration of a day before what would have been the singer-songwriter's milestone. 

Google doodle John Lennon's 70th birthday
doodler: Mike Dutton

Google doodle:

Clicking on the doodleit links to a 32 second track, which plays his popular song Imagine.

As it plays the doodle generates different pictures including that of a butterfly and a flower before turning back to a black and white version of the Google logo. 

Students can then click through to the YouTube version of it.

Lennon was shot dead outside his apartment in New York. He was a pacifist and his theme Imagine gained even more impact after his death.

John Lennon | Imagine
credits: unknown

His window Yoko Ono is encouraging people around the world to send videos tribute  to YouTube to celebrate this very special day.

John Lennon [1940-1980]
credits: Getty Images

CD John Lennon The Hits


  • Let's include John Lennon's message into Languages Civics and Music curriculum! Imagine lyrics are beautiful to talk about some important values: peace, equality, justice, friendship, solidarity. And to play the song in the classroom.

"You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one " 

John Lennon, Imagine

Some of the lyrics from Imagine became a hymn for peace in the world!

  • In English curriculum (foreign language) ask your students to work on the lyrics: pronunciation, vocabulary, values.
  • Invite your students to produce a short video in a cross-curricular project: Languages, Arts, Music, and send it to Yoko Ono or just publish it on the school website or display it at the school library, introducing the theme 'Peace' in an open discussion: students, teachers, parents.

Imagine! It would be impossible to me not to spread his words about peace! Yes, I'm a dreamer too!

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