Saturday, August 22, 2020

Summer holidays, a week-end !

Festas Senhora da Agonia 2020
credits: Luis Lagadouro

Good morning from the north of Portugal! This summer break is in Viana do Castelo  one of the most beautiful cities. Country side, Atlantic Ocean, beautiful and enormous beaches. And river side. Just perfect! Enjoying every bit.

It's my first summer break this year. The lockdown was long and I couldn't to do it early.

Mordomas/ Young women 
credits: Olhar Viana do Castelo

Every summer, I lke to come back to Viana do Castelo because we can enjoy different landscapes. The sea, the river and the mountain. 

The 3rd week of July, Viana do Castelo celebrates the most famous country fair and devoted pilgrimage. Not this year. Social distancing due the COVID19 pandemic. So, the celebration was cancelled.


Cortejo de mordomas 
Young girls parade

The activities will be digital or on different places with social distance. Not the big annual event.

Arte em Movimento
School Dance at Viana do Castelo

A dance school Arte em Movimento published this wonderful video with its students dancing dressed with ancestral costumes and honoring ancestral traditions. Coreography on Cynthia Erivo's song Stand-up.

Nice sunny here. The sun, a bit windy at the beach, and the nature. Well, it will be a good time, best vibes.

Summer break is obviously one of the best things humankind has ever come up with, I am excited! It's my 'first' break of this summer

Feeling so well at our country house! In the morning, we went to the beach. Nice weather, a bit windy, but nice temperature.

Tonight, we go to the city to coffee shop terrace. Tomorrow morning we will go to the beach, and then come back home.

Not so bad, right?! Relaxing time!

Wherever you are I hope that you're having a great time too.

I'll be back posting the normal roundup next week.



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