Friday, July 26, 2019

Summer holidays... just a quiet weekend !

credits: Adolie Day

Good morning from Portugal! Summer day admiring the quiet nature. However, tomorrow, some drizzles. Oh! 

I'm in the countryside. Why not a relaxing treatment or a bath in the swimming pool at the SPA Hotel? Nice idea! The SPA is surrounded by a lovely park.

Wherever you are I hope that you're having a great time too.

A good effort to slow down, and I'm feel happy for this summer rainy break! Not the heat wave in France or Spain, even in Belgium? I prefer here. So refreshing! So green!

Summer break is obviously one of the best things humankind has ever come up with, I am excited! It's my 'first' break of this summer. 

Sunday, the weather will be better. Shiny day. I will be going to the pool at the hotel  side by side the lovely park. 

In the afternoon sitting near the pool, reading - a paper book! Love paper books! - and refreshing time to time in the pool. Green trees, blue sky.

Later, taking a coffee at the little coffee shop in the park, walking a bit to admire the nature, before dinner.

At night, I'm be going to a concert not far from the SPA Hotel. Hope to enjoy! Later, I'll be back, observing the the moon at the park, before a quiet sleep night.

I will tell you later my short break summer.

I'll be back to posting the normal Roundup in a next week.



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