Tuesday, February 11, 2020

#SID2020 : Protecting children's digital identity & online privacy !

Today, 11 February 2020, we celebrate Safer Internet Day (SID) when, once again, we'll join forces across the globe to work "Together for a better internet". 

I couldn't forget to write #SID2020. Since 2012 on this blog I pledged for SIDAnd on my blogs for students since 2012 as well French foreign language and since 2008 Portuguese mother language)

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"Together for a better internet". 

Digital technologies provide you with a world of possibilities at your fingertips. Never before have we enjoyed so many opportunities to learn, exchange, participate and create. 

Yet, the internet also opens up certain risks to its users – especially the most vulnerable ones, such as children: privacy concerns, cyberbullying, disinformation, exposure to potentially harmful content and predatory behaviours, to quote but a few.

How can we ensure access to a safe and stimulating online environment for the greatest number, where they can make the most of a wealth of opportunities, while at the same time mitigating its negative side-effects? Together, we have the power to inspire positive changes online and to raise awareness of the issues that matter to us.

"we define it as digital content aimed at children, which enables them to learn, have fun, create, enjoy, develop a positive view of themselves and respect for their identity, enhance their participation in society and produce and distribute their own positive content."

Safer Internet

Children nowadays interact with modern technology and online content from the earliest of ages - which is why it is crucial that their first digital experiences be of the highest quality possible.

The Positive Online Content Campaign (POCC) aims to raise awareness about the importance of positive online content for children, to foster a discussion with youth, parents and teachers to make them aware about the state of positive online content for children in their country, and to encourage a discussion with industry and content producers and providers to encourage the production of more positive online content for children.

A better internet is an internet where children and adolescents enjoy a wide variety of positive online content that is adapted to their age and their developmental needs! For #SaferInternetDay, we released the Best practice guide on Positive Online Content for Children! 


How are you participating in the big day?

Don't forget to visit the Better Internet for Kids (BIK) portal regularly to keep up to date on online safety issues all year around, find awareness-raising resources in our resource galleries, and subscribe to the quarterly BIK bulletin for updates direct to your inbox.

Why not try Safer Internet 2020 QuizThis quiz is designed for 7-13 year olds, but can be played by anyone!

Films: parents and schools

Oh! By the way, there are two important posts among other you can browse on my blog

We will be millions around the globe, united to inspire positive change online.  Today, over 140 countries across the globe celebrate it in their own way, under the unifying slogan of "Together for a better internet".

Google: Helping families Be Internet Awesome


The campaign's slogan, Together for a better internet, is a call to action for all  to join together and play their part in creating a better internet for everyone.

Together, we have the power to inspire positive changes online and to raise awareness of the issues that matter to us.



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