Sunday, September 16, 2018

August in Review : Culture, Science, and Children's literature

Urban Sketchers Porto
Igreja S. Domingos

Back from my summer break, sorry, Autumn break, here I am at home. Well, finally I had my real summer break last week! In Portugal, of course!

Summer break is obviously one of the best things humankind has ever come up with, I was excited! I went to a Portuguese city in the north, Viana do Castelo.  And it was so relaxing. The pool, Spa and nice sunsets, wonderful weather.

Viana do Castelo, Portugal
credits: Rui Carvalho

The modern hotel & Spa beautifully features large living rooms, two pools, outside by the river Minho, and inside, the Spa

Dining at the city, wonderful fresh fish restaurants by the river and the Atlantic ocean.

Books? Yes! Never travel without a book! Impossible to forget books. Love reading on a relaxing pool terrace taking a fresh watermelon juice. It was so good!

Well, no more rêverie! It's time to the review of the most popular posts of August:

Here are the most popular posts of the last month:

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Allez, les Potterheads ! Les Crimes de Grindelwald en classe! 

Hope you have a very good school year!


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