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Visionary Educationalists to Europe Education 2030

Open Educational Resources (OER) and Practices (OEP) have recently become  important topics for educational researchers in Europe and abroad. 

The World Open Educational Resources Congress at the UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, France in June 2012 joining more than 500 delegatesincluding representatives of Government, educators, NGOs, and universities was a opportunity to discuss the power of OER in Education. There, the 2012 Paris OER Declaration was formally adopted. 

By being adaptable and accessible, OERs have the potential to solve the global education crisis and contribute to sustainable economic growth.

In its recent Communication on Rethinking Education, the European Commission announced a new initiative on “Opening-up Education” to be launched mid-2013.

The Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS) – part of the Joint Research Center (JRC) of the European commission – in a study for DG EAC– was calling upon experts and practitioners to come up with visionary papers and imaginative scenarios on how Open Education in 2030 in Europe might look with a major focus on Open Educational Resources and Practices, in each of the following education sectors:

I. Lifelong Learning (submission deadline: 31 March 2013)

II. School Education (submission deadline: 28 April 2013)

III. Higher Education  (submission deadline: 7 May 2013)

"The foresight scenarios submitted could be normative or descriptive, idealistic or provocative, critical or imaginary, reflective or polemic, imaginative or concrete, comprehensive or selective, general or specific. They should be both inspiring and scientifically sound."

Submissions were free to choose any angle, subject, approach, but the future vision and/or scenario should address the key question of how Open Education in 2030 in Europe might look, and include the role of OER.

Being a educationalist passionate on Open Education, I participated with a scientific vision paper Part II School Education. It has been wonderful to write about some ideas on Open Education at Secondary School.

Between all the authors, five of the “best papers” in each of the three categories  were invited to take part in one of three dedicated foresight workshops on the development of a common vision of the "Future of Open Education" that will take place in Seville on:

I. 29-30 April 2013 (Lifelong Learning)
II. 28-29 May 2013 (School Education)
III. 6-7 June 2013 (Higher Education)

You will find all the vision papers Part II School Education here. My vision paper "Visionary Learning in 2030: Secondary Education" can be read here.

As a "pioneer" educator in the use of OERs in school curricula (Secondary Education) and author of some OERs to captivate my students (in and around curriculum) and in and out school to increase their skills and competencies, motivating them to go further "in order to be effective workers and responsible citizens in the social-knowledge society of the 21st century" I feel happy to be among these visionary educationalists.

Congratulations to all the winners! And congratulations to all the visionary participants who have the creativity to imagine and share some extraordinary possible scenarios to Education on 2030.

Thank you to IPTS-JRC to support our visionary ideas on Education 2030!


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