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UNESCO World OER Congress

UNESCO World OER Congress

In partnership with the Commonwealth of Learning (COL) and through the  support of the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, UNESCO is organizing the 2012 World Open Educational Resources Congress. UNESCO World OER Seminar and exhibit will take place next week, June 22-24 2012 in Paris.
The aims of the Congress are to:
  • Release the 2012 Paris OER Declaration;
  • Showcase the world’s best practices in Open Educational Resources policies, initiatives, and experts;
  • and celebrate the 10th anniversary of the 2002 UNESCO Forum that coined the term Open Educational Resources (OER).

"The Congress aims to encourage more governments to adopt policies that include OER and will bring together Ministers of Education/Human Resource Development, senior policy makers, expert practitioners, researchers, students and many other relevant stakeholders."
It is a 2-stream event with discussions by all stakeholders on the Paris OER Declaration focusing on governmental actions for OER, and a parallel second stream focusing on an Open Seminar & Exhibition of the world’s best OER practices, policies, and initiatives.
"To provide an opportunity to civil society organizations, academia, and individual experts to present on their Open Educational Resources initiatives, UNESCO is organizing a parallel Open Seminar & Exhibition from 21 to 22 June 2012 in UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, France."
The Open Seminar & Exhibition is organized in full partnership with OER Africa, a SAIDE initiative.

UNESCO invites us to  envolve:
Twitt about the Congress using the hashtag #oercongress
Or Follow the Congress at!/unescoNOW

It is my honor to attend the Congress and participate at the Seminar and Exhibition. I will present an academic Poster about a research on the use of OER in Secondary Education.

These two last weeks, I had no time to publish any post on my blog! Please, forgive me!  I'm still there! And I continue to share some ideas about ICT and Education when I will back.

I am very excited! I am sure that a lot of new ideas and concepts will be dicussed and shared!  It will be great to write about the the event. 

I will share some important ideas with you about the sessions and discussions. I am a huge fan of OER in school curriculum.

Paris | unknow author

Meanwhile, it is awesome to visit Paris, after 10 years, (ya... ten years!). Paris, the beautiful city I visited with my parents when I a was a little girl.

It has been in Paris that I study for somewhile, some years later. And it was in Paris, as a young teacher that I got my first specialisation on producing videos and games based learning in the 80's - pedagogy comes and goes - just now that we are talking again about using videos and games in the classroom.

Ii has been in Paris, one year later, that I got my specialisation on TV School, as Distance Education teacher and producer (French language), at CNDP.Fr and BELC, two important references of School TV. Serious and creative work we did  there.

It will be so nice next saturday, after three days of work, to walk on Paris "me badaler dans les rues de Paris", re-visiting some good Art museums,  "aller sur le bord de la Seine pour apprécier les bouquinistes, traverser un ou deux ponts, les plus beaux sur la Seine, et remonter au Sacré-Coeur pour admirer à nouveau cette magnifique vue panoramique qu'on a sur la belle ville de Paris."

À bientôt!


20 June 2012
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