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MEDEA 2012: Submitt your entries

MEDEA Awards 2012

MEDEA Awards 2012 announced its call of entries some months ago. Countdown to MEDEA Awards deadline September 17.

As you know since 2009 I am writing about MEDEA Awards. It's a pleasure to divulge such an interesting project that encourages innovation and good practices in the use of media in Education.

As an educator, I know how important it is to be encouraged as I was in 2004 from Global Junior Challenge.

"Entries are arriving at the MEDEA Awards Secretariat from practitioners and educational media producers from Europe and further afield and we are looking forward to a receiving a lot more before the 17 September deadline."

MEDEA Awards secretariat

"In recent years there has been remarkable interest in the creation and use of digital video and audio in Education, boosted by the increasing impact of multimedia and video based websites and applications on the internet and mobile devices."

Of course this interest began in 1999-2000, when the first 'screen-generation' arrived at school. Innovative educators understood the meaning of changing academic practices. And mobile devices really pushed up for pedagogical applications.

Now video, audio are routine components of an open education (in and out school)  based on educational environments that recognize andreflect the media-rich world in which our learners now live. El Rap de la educación 2.0 is conclusive, don't you think?

The MEDEA Awards are inviting all participants, learners and educators to submit entries now

Participation guidelines:
Entries need to be submitted via the online submission form and sent to arrive at the MEDEA Secretariat via post, e-mail or fax before the closing date: 17 September 2012 (midnight). 

In order to participate, you need to log in with your MEDEA account. If you do not have an account yet, you may create a new account. If you have forgotten your password, please request a new password a n

All finalists will be notified in the beginning of November and will be invited to take part in the awards ceremony taking place during the Media & Learning Conference 2012, where the final winners will be announced.

Some important informations:

There are five MEDEA Awards 2012:
  • This award honours the best entry submitted by teachers, students, learners, parents, professors, individual or organisational representatives in primary education, secondary education, higher education, adult education, vocational education and/or training.

  • This award will be awarded to the best professional educational media produced by a professional company or semi-professional production unit such as a broadcaster, professional multimedia producer or publisher, professional web design company, audiovisual or media department in larger institutions or organisations such as universities, government departments, companies, multinational institutions and organisations, (...)

  • This prize recognises excellent educational media productions and projects that come about as a result of European cross-border collaboration and recognises the impact such collaboration can have in increasing understanding and enhancing the European dimension.

  • This prize will be dedicated to an entry or production that clearly uses (multi)media to encourage active ageing and solidarity between generations. All educational media productions, no matter in what format, be it website, video, game or interactive presentation, that illustrate, document or promote the active ageing and solidarity between generations.

  • The judges may, at their discretion, present a special award to an approach or production in recognition of exceptional innovation in pedagogic or technical design.

Before submitting a multimedia project or production, MEDEA Awards secretariat strongly recommend that you read the Judging Criteria to understand what the judges are specifically looking for and the criteria they will use when judging your submission, as well as the Terms & Conditions of submission, where you will find the rules for participation in the MEDEA Awards. Read also the important Copyright Information page.


With regard to the pedagogical quality, the judges value the comprehensiveness of the resources and the close integration with the curricular activities. 

In addition, the fact that teachers are present with a variety of multimedia-based activities is highly appreciate. 

The suitability of the resources for use in special needs education is considered really important. 


All finalists will be notified in the beginning of November and will be invited to take part in the awards ceremony taking place during the Media & Learning Conference 2012, November 14-15, Brussels, where the final winners will be announced.

We invite participants to submit entries nowYou can also take a look at our video of last year’s awards ceremony.

Convinced? Not yet? Take a look at the video of last year's awards ceremony. 

Now, you are convinced!  So accept the invitation and submitt entries now



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