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Schools : El Rap de la educación 2.0 - una inspiración !

Credits: Fundación Telefonica

¿Cómo debería ser la Educación en el Sigo XXI? Un grupo de jóvenes responden a la pregunta a ritmo de rap, con música de 'El Langui' y 'Keru Dj'.

Description of the video (Spanish language):

"Un grupo de jóvenes ha puesto voz y ritmo en forma de rap a las reflexiones que el mundo educativo iberoamericano realiza durante estos meses en el VII Encuentro Internacional de Educación 2012-13 promovido por Fundación Telefónica. Los jóvenes, representantes de los alumnos del sistema educativo actual, ponen de manifiesto en su rap el compromiso que esperan por parte de los docentes para adaptarse a la nueva realidad tecnológica, a los requisitos profesionales que se van a encontrar cuando culminen su formación. Se preguntan: "¿Para qué mundo me educo?". El rap de la 'Educación 2.0' aborda los retos de la educación en el siglo XXI: que contiene valores, emociones, un colegio inteligente, "que abra nuestra mente", que una a la gente, en el cada cuál puede aprender con un ritmo diferente, que permita crear, pensar, las aulas son la base de este viaje y es el centro de dos generaciones y un encuentro que buscan las fronteras del conocimiento."

I can understand and speak Spanish quite well, but I don't dare to write in Spanish. However I could not miss the opportunity to share with you this 'Rap of education'. Fabulous isn't it!

After the fantastic and funny video about 'Rapping elements' on my post Rap in Chemistry curriculum! - another rap also created by students.

So, as you see, students are very creative! 

Credits: Jacqui Murray

Web 2.0 is about revolutionary new ways of teaching, learning, creating, collaborating, editing and sharing user-generated content online. It's also about ease of use. 

Great number of teachers embrace technology and social media. Others hide. Many ignore. So what does the average teacher do if they’re somewhere in the middle?
There are more of these ‘Web 2.0′ tools than we can keep up with, but when you integrate tech in your curriculum ‘keeping up’ is part of your job.
Of course we can not miss out on a great opportunity to teach and learn (you heard the 'Rap students') about some Web 2.0 tools that are currently being used in the classroom by teachers around the world. 

A good advice! You must be sure of your ideas and the manipulation of the tools you choose to introduce in your lessons.

Educators and students can master many of the tools in minutes. Technology has never been easier or more accessible to all.

Here some few useful social media and tools that I have shared with you    presenting some ideas to involve your students in school curricula. Later, we will be back to 'Rap in education'.

Great way to share posters and images you’ve made with friends, colleagues and schools

The micro blogging service that many teachers a using. I love it and I shared with you some ideas to use it in your lessons. For example Its about Twitter and Poetry (April 2011).

View anywhere in the world anytime. A fantastisc tool to use in the classroom. 
Education: some ideas about London 2012 (July 2012) was written thinking on educators that were preparing their lessons and I used Google Earth as a digital resource for students. 

Social learning environment and one of the best ways to teach with tech.

The social network that some teachers are using in school. I love it. Facebook au collège? Pourquoi pas? (June 2011, French language) is about using Facebook in education (students up-to 13). 


Make beautiful videos from images in a snap. You can search for some posts where I presented videos as an interesting activity for students.

A good interactive tool for school curricula. Now that Olympic Games are still in the air, The Olympic Museum is a splendid resource. You remember that I wrote about Google Art when it appeared: The Google Art Project? (February 2011).

Search the entire world, street by street. Arcade Fire funny and pedagogical (October 2010) was a superb idea using Google Maps in Geography and Music curricula. Students just loved the project.

Free wikis for educators. They’re simple to use and easy to set up. Very helpful. Students can write a wiki about any subject of the curriculum. or
Build and share a blog with students, classes, or colleagues. My students and I prefered, it is simple with large options. They have two thematic blogs about Environment: Torrinhas Verdes and Torrinhas Exploradores Polares.

Some thoughts:

Every social network can play a pivotal role in education, and there are so many! This is a very short list. 

Make your own choices after the evaluation of students profile and, of course, the level you teach.

And what's about Rap?

In a cross-curricular projec - Languages, IT, Music - propose your students to create different rap songs! 

Rap! They really like it! Let them discuss themes or subjects that they would like to have in school curricula.

Students can plan with the teachers how they would like to introduce these subjects (in and around curriculum) and then in groups, develop rap songs. 

Organize a contest and let the students vote the most interesting subject and creative rap.

Some final conclusions:

This activity can be developed in Elementary education and Secondary Education. 

It's up to the educators motivate the students. Never forget it!

You will be delighted how students are amazing when they are free to show their creativity in the classroom.

Don't underestimate your students capacities, even the reluctant ones - sometimes these students show in this kind of free activity, the skills you never knew they have - to learn some difficult subjects in school curricula. 

In the 21th century web 2.0 was the way for rethinking school time and captivating the new generations.

Hoping that "El Rap de la educación" video might be a good motivation to promote the use of web 2.0 among the last reluctant educators.


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El Rap de la Educación 2.0 es una producción de Yllana para Fundación Telefónica. 
Productores musicales: El Langui y Keru Dj.

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