Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Sea of Words: Euro-Mediterranean contest

A Sea of Words 2012 is being held again with the aim of contributing to the encouragement of dialogue between peoples, and exchange of knowledge and experiences between different local and international traditions. 

In the framework of the European Year for Solidarity between Generations, 2012 theme is aimed at "promoting the vision and expectations of young people about their future and the contact between different generations of Euro-Mediterranean societies."

"The contest is aimed at the production of short stories whose content is related to the creation and/or consolidation of dynamics aiming to reinforce volunteering activities, one of the active citizenship elements to promote intergenerational solidarity, the evolution of values and societies, and the expression of different sensitivities and realities of young people in the region.

Literary production is a fundamental means for the expression and description of facts, ideas and emotions that can be directly transmitted to and by young people all over the Euro-Mediterranean region. From this point of view, the object is to obtain literary stories – based on reality and purely fictional – that describe different experiences of children, parents and grandparents facing the future."

Calls and Conditions:

The Anna Lindh Foundation and the European Institute of the Mediterranean are calling the 5th edition of the international short story contest A Sea of Words.


Young people from the 42 countries of the Euro-Mediterranean space. 

The contest is aimed at the production of short stories focusing on the issues of children, parents and grandparents facing the future, with the objective of showing the different sensitivities and realities in the Euro-Mediterranean region, from the point of view of the youths who live there.


"Youth Future and the Dialogue Between Generations"

Participation Requisites:

Young people aged between 18 and 30 that are citizens of one of the 42 countries of the Euro-Mediterranean space.

Story formats:

The short stories cannot exceed a length of 2,500 words and can be written in any of the official languages of the participant countries. 
They must be original and unpublished works. The short stories must address issues related to intercultural dialogue, mainly of a political, socio-cultural, economic and environmental nature.

Deadline and Place of Submission of the Stories:

All the short stories must be sent to the following email address:

To submitt the short stories, authors must attach their personal details:
  • names and surnames, 
  • date of birth, 
  • nationality, 
  • postal address
  • e-mail

12 midnight on 30th June 2012

Participation in the contest implies the surrendering to the IEMed and the Anna Lindh Foundation of the copyright of the contestant’s short story. The Anna Lindh Foundation and the IEMed reserve the right to publish and use the short stories received for their future activities.

If you are working on it, bravo! If not yet, just on time to create a short story about the Mediterranean region where you live.

It is always interesting to participate in an intercultural project and share your own traditions with other people who live in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

Good luck!


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