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Schools : Europe Day & European Year of Youth : "The Future is now !"


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Europe Day, held on 9 May every year, celebrates peace and unity in the European Union. To mark Europe Day 2022, a variety of activities and events for all ages will take place throughout Europe. 

On this day, it is our collective duty to revitalize the European dream and re-invigorate European integration. COVID-19 has proven to us however that to protect the lives and health of citizens and preserve our economy, the European Union must take robust actions, proportionate to the dangers threatening us.

Europe Day is a day celebrating “Peace and Unity in Europe”, in commemoration of the Schuman Declaration of 9 May 1950.

This year more than ever, it is fundamental the importance of working for peace in Europe, as we highlight our unity and solidarity with Ukraine.

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Europe Day 2022 is titled "The Future is now!"

European Year of Youth 2022

This year, in the context of the European Year of Youth, the focus is put on young people’s voices for a better future. Find out what is happening near you and take part in the different activities to learn more about the EU and how it works.


European Year of Youth 2022

Europe Day commemorates the date French foreign minister at the time Robert Schuman presented the Schuman Declaration, on 9 May 1950. 72 years ago.

Schumann Declaration 1950

Schuman put forward the idea of a political cooperation in Europe to establish lasting peace between the European nations. This proposal gave rise to the creation of a European Coal and Steel Community, which is now considered the foundation of the European Union, as we know it today.

On the occasion of 🇪🇺 Europe Day, celebrated on 9 May, discover some facts about EU.

The focus of all EU institutions on this Europe Day 2022 is to engage young people in the context of the European Year of Youth, which is the main theme this year.

In parallel, a strong message to support and stand with Ukraine is being clearly conveyed at an interinstitutional level.

Make your voice heard! 2022 is the European Year of Youth, shining a light on the importance of European youth to build a better future – greener, more inclusive and digital.

The European Year of Youth is the moment to move forward with confidence and hope in a post-pandemic perspective.



Celebrate Europe Day !

Lots of activities and events are taking place around the EU Member States and all European teachers and students are is more than welcome to participate!

From concerts, to light shows to lively discussions, the European Parliament and European Commission are organising events around the EU. You can find out what is happening in each country by clicking on them in the interactive map.

Teachers and schools can prepare an interesting cross-curricular Europe Day

Propose your students some activities:

Theme: Europe Day 2022 is titled "The Future is now!"

  • Let the students explore all the links about European Union to be well informed about it.
  • Ask for a debate about the "pros & cons" to be a member of the EU or to become a new member of the EU.
  • Why Ukraine wants to become a member of the EU ? Let students talk about the war in Europe. They watch everyday the news, on TV or read on the social networks they prefer. The images are terrible. They fear the war. And they want to share ideas with teachers and schoolmates.
  • Invite them to make a Peace Wall on the school library: photos, news, drawings, letters to young people of Ukraine, an open letter to leaders of both countries involved in the conflict.

Students must practice critical thinking about the subject that is not consensual nowadays when Europe is experiencing a severe  political crisis due the war.

Ukrainian children ant teens are affected by fear, running out their country with their moms or grandmothers to other European countries. 

Perhaps your school received some Ukrainian young students and they are in your class. Invite them to teach some words in their mother language to you and your students.

Send a postcard to a friend or your family. Someone special!

Postcards are a great way to share thoughts and wishes with friends and family! Why not to young Ukrainians who have been received in your country!

Celebrate Europe Day with us by sending a real postcard to someone special!


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