Friday, September 11, 2020

Schools : July in Review : Women in science & Youth Skills Day ! Yes ! Day of Friendship !

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Back from my summer break, Yes! Summer break, lovely time and traditions, remember? Here I am. Well, Summer finally arrived at the end of the month, here in the north of Portugal! First weeks of August were a bit foggy. 

We had the Perseids meteor shower and after that, weather has changed. Last two weeks, Summer time is back. And my holidays. Beautiful time!

Well, no more sandcastlesIt's time to the review of the most popular posts of July.

credits: Incidental Comics

July.Yes, I forgot it. Not so strange, right? The long lockdown. Difficult time to all of us.  Schools closed for months, no students, no colleagues. 

We were sad. My usual readers will forget me, I'm sure. We all suffered.  

Teachers and students.

Here are the most popular posts of the last month:

Schools : Women in science : Nettie Stevens broke gender barriers ?

International Day of Friendship : Sharing the human spirit through friendship !

Science : Rosalind Franklin Centenary : Image Competition & Essay Competition

Some of you are back to school in August and first days of September. Here in Portugal, schools are well prepared to receive students next week, to avoid Covide-19. All the rules are accomplished. 

It's crucial students come back to face-to-face classes. But we must be rigorous with their health security and ours, of course. Following the rules, social distance inside school and classes, masks entering at schools and during lessons, avowing big groups, everything will be all right

Have a safe and good school year in a very different time!


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