Wednesday, April 29, 2020

International Dance Day goes online ! #DanceAtHome !

International Dance Day 2020 goes online
credits: ITI

"We are leaving through unimaginable tragedies, in a time that I could best describe as the posthuman era. More than ever, we need to dance with purpose, to remind the world that humanity still exists."

Gregory Vuyani Maqma

2020 is a year with even more challenges for the performing arts community all over the world.

Almost all the Centres of ITI are not able to celebrate International Dance Day with an event because of the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus. Therefore, the General Secretariat Team of ITI initiates that all the members and friends celebrate International Dance Day 2020 - online.

The invited dancer is the dancer, choreographer, actor, and dance educator Gregory Vuyani Maqma.

International Dance Day 2020 goes online
credits: ITI

The intention of the creators of International Dance Day (IDD) was to inspire professionals, amateurs and aficionados of dance all over the world. It was and is a call for celebrating dance in all its possible forms – ballet, classical dance, modern dance, ethnic dance, improvised dance, experimental dance and any kind of dance. 

And this intention is even more important during the time of social distancing. We need to encourage. We need to keep our passion alive. That is the reason the members and friends of dance are continuing to celebrate International Dance Day in 2020 online.

ITI is showing initiatives of encouragement and support and International Dance Day is presenting actions concerning the celebration of the Day and translations of the message. 

International Dance Day 2020 goes online
credits: ITI

We have received a lot message reading videos from ITI Centre in the country’s language, and other videos to share peoples’ enthusiasm, wishes for the future theatre and all Arts perfomances.

Let’s be united in this action for the benefit of each and everybody who loves, theatre and shares our values for a culturally rich and peaceful world.

Lockdown dancing
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"As we dance with our bodies, tumbling in space and tangling together, we become a force of movement weaving hearts, touching souls and providing healing that is so desperately needed."

Gregory Vuyani Maqma

Beautiful message! So inspirational to students and teachers on this day! We all have students who live difficult times in lockdown.

Dance is a fun and fresh activity to include into School curriculum. School curricula without Arts (Music, Dance, Theater) will be unfinished and insufficient. Students will have an incomplete education.
Young dancers and all students are stuck in their homes and unable to go to the dance schools and schools for classes.
This year invite your students to dance online: ballet, contemporary, tap, highland, street dance, jazz, modern dancing, via social media: YouTube, Instagram Zoom app or Facebook.

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