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June in review & World Cup 2018, sport values

World Cup 2018 Russia
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"Sport is a field of dreams and a school for human values."

UNESCO, World Cup

And World Cup 2018 is finally ended today. France is the champion team. However Croacia was the favorite team. Little country. 

Croatia team
credits: FIFA 2018

Most of all, great team that fought until the end with courage and bravery. Croacia can be proud!

Congratulations to both teams! However must not forget all the teams that fought for their dreams. 


Football has been around since 500 B.C. when Spartans played it as an ancient game. Across centuries, football has evolved as the culture around it has thrived.

Promoting the power of sport values is an important skill we must spread. Fair-play, equality, respect, dignity. Football & sport are a powerful vehicle for social inclusion, gender equality & youth empowerment. And the values of sports are those vital for peace.

And now June in review. Themes, resources, tips and tools for you to try something  new or something different you can include into your lessons.

My usual readers know I write in English, Français and Português. June English and Français.

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credits: Soledad Bravi

Summer holidays? Not yet! August, perhaps? Yes!

Blogging is my free contribution to inspire new and young teachers, by proposing different subjects from Literature to Science or Sports. And of course Environment.

Hope you enjoyed my pedagogical proposals published in June and you included some of them into your lessons.

Summer is here! That's a nice time to think about sun and beach!

I hope that you will have a great weekend! 


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