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Education : Best of 2017 : Semester #2

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Looking back 2017 I've come up with a roundup of what's been the best of my blog The Digital Teacher G-Souto

As I do during this week every year, I am taking some time off to relax with family and prepare for the new year. 

 I will be featuring the most popular blog posts of the year. This was some of the most popular posts semester 2.

Below you’ll read the top posts along the second semester 2017 containing different themes: education & technology, languages, arts, science, history, environment, literature, e-safety, sports, dance, children's rights among other.

The selection is based on page views but also based on pedagogical relevance of the most popular posts.

I kept the order of the most viewed, but eliminated the posts that seemed less relevant. The main reason is that sometimes certain posts acquire too much visibility, not for their value but for the keywords that the search engines "like" indexing.

Je suis ravie de partager avec vous le Top des posts les plus lus du 2ème semestre 2017. Vous continuez à me suivre et ça me fait plaisir. Je vous em en remercie.

Chers lecteurs, chers enseignants, voilà des ressources et idées pédagogiques que vous avez pu partager avec vos élèves. Le numérique continue à avoir sa place dans vos cours et très bienLes technologies donnent aux jeunes et à leurs professeurs des possibilités qu'il faut en profiter pour que vos leçons suivent de près les tendances actuelles.

Des ressources aux grandes thématiques: histoire, lanques, science, culture et arts. Des ressources en ligne, et des adaptations personnelles à l'enseignement de façon à permetter à tous les élèves la chances de réussite dans leur parcours scolaire.

Here are the 2nd semester's most popular posts of 2017 :

Le Top des posts du 2ème semestre 2017:

Google Doodle 44th Anniversary of the Birth of Hip Hop
via Variety

‘Yes, yes y’all! And it WON’T stop!’

My crush of the #1st semester? Let's Play a Hip Hop interactive music game ! 

Google regularly replaces its logo on its search engine with special Doodles, a kind of celebrations anniversaries. But this Friday's Doodle is something truly diverting.

The doodle offers a serving of Hip Hop history - with an emphasis on its founding pioneers narrated by Hip Hop icon Fab 5 Freddy, former host of “Yo! MTV Raps.”

Hip hop does not just refer to the music. It's a subculture and art movement that was developed by African Americans and Puerto Ricans during the 70s.

Music Game:

What's particularly fun about Friday's Doodle is that: the video is followed by an interactive deejaying game, where you get two turntables, a cross-fader and a selection of records to mix together. You can even scratch the records using your mouse cursor or, on mobile, your finger.

Hoping to have inspired you in your lessons all over the year.

May 2018 be a successful year for all those teachers who teach with passion! Guiding our students for the future should be a function from the heart of all us


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