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Education : Earth Day 2017 : Environmental & Climate Literacy

A woman with an umbrella walks in the rain in a field. To the left is a rainbow Photo: WMO

International Earth Day is celebrated to remind each of us that the Earth and its ecosystems provide us with life and sustenance.
It also recognizes a collective responsibility, as called for in the 1992 Rio Declaration, to promote harmony with nature and the Earth to achieve a just balance among the economic, social and environmental needs of present and future generations of humanity.
International Mother Earth Day provides an opportunity to raise public awareness around the world to the challenges regarding the well-being of the planet and all the life it supports.

Theme: The theme for 2017 is "Environmental & Climate Literacy".
Education is the foundation for progress. We need to build a global citizenry fluent in the concepts of climate change and aware of its unprecedented threat to our planet. We need to empower everyone with the knowledge to inspire action in defense of environmental protection.
Environmental and climate literacy is the engine not only for creating green voters and advancing environmental and climate laws and policies but also for accelerating green technologies and jobs.


Google Doodle Earh Day 2017

Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22 since 1970. To honor the special day, Google Doodle reminded us the rich, vast Earth that’s sustained generations before us and continues to nurture life and inspire wonder.

The Doodle: a lovely graphic novel

The Doodle follows the story of a fox who dreams about an Earth that’s been polluted and adversely affected by climate change. 

The fox wakes with a startle, and urgently starts making small lifestyle changes to care for the Earth. 

Along the way, the fox enlists friends – including Momo the cat, and Google Weather’s favorite frog – to join its quest to protect and nurture the environment.

Google Doodle Earth Day 2017

To combat things like coral bleaching and pollution, the three eco-rangers are inspired to take action such as eating less meat, carpooling, and unplugging unused electronic devices. That’s some heroic work for tiny animals!

To mark the occasion, in a series of illustrations, the doodle narrated the story of a sleeping fox that has a nightmare about the implications of climate change.

Google Doodle Earth Day 2017

Google Doodle Earth Day 2017
Through beautiful illustration, which seems right out of a children’s graphic novel, Doodler Sophie Diao narrated the story of a fox dreaming about the polluted earth and how with the help of his friends try to make amends. “The fox wakes with a startle, and urgently starts making small lifestyle changes to care for the Earth. Along the way, the fox enlists friends – including Momo the cat, and Google Weather’s favourite frog – to join its quest to protect and nurture the environment,” the Google blog read.

On a day like this, Earth Daywe remember and celebrate our home in this great and stunning ecosystem. Lovely isn'it?


Earth Day 2017’s Campaign is: Environmental & Climate Literacy.

The easy living on Earth won’t stay that way unless we take good care of our planet. And that’s the big reminder of Earth Day, a day dedicated to protecting our environment and keeping our world healthy.
As I've done in the past, I share some thoughts to include Earth Day and environmental education into every school curriculum as a cross-curricular.

Last years I shared different Earth Day-related resources. My usual readers remember apps and games last yearWall-E : a gree resource for Earth Day (2012); Earth Day : A story about the Forest (2011) and other.
This Earth Day, gather with your community for an Environmental & Climate Literacy Teach-In or another project focused on education. 

Other resources:

But the Earth Day celebration doesn’t end there!

NASA/ Adopt the Planet

  • Adopt the Planet: Online Activity (ongoing)

NASA invites us to learn about our global environment by "adopting" a small part of our home planet

Participants will receive a personalized adoption certificate for their unique, numbered piece of Earth (approximately 55 miles wide) to print and share on social media. 

The certificate features NASA Earth science data collected for that location.

Google Doodle Earth Day 2017
  • Click beyond the Doodle to Google search:
By clicking beyond the Doodle to Google Search, you’ll find easy Earth Day tips to help you do your part in saving our planet, including supporting critical conservation efforts such as wildlife conservation with World Wildlife Fund, coral reef conservation with The Ocean Agency, and rainforest conservation with The Jane Goodall Institute.

Some thoughts:

Schools have an important role promoting environmental education as a civic value. So, teachers can teach and share environmental values in different moments of their lessons in cross-curricular.

Yes! Because Earth Day is not about a day! Earth Day is about every day! So, educators must include environmental values in different moments of their lessons, no matter the curriculum, and provide some thoughts and digital resources, educating young people for a sustainable future and inspiring them being a good example.

On Earth Day, enjoy the tonic of fresh air, contact with the soil, and companionship with nature! 

Walk through the woods with your kids in search of emerging wildflowers and green moss. Go outside, no matter what the weather!

The “green things growing” whisper me
Of many an earth-old mystery

Eben Eugene Rexford



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