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Schools : Educational App 4 Science : DNA Play

screenshot DNA Play

It has been a surge of new scholarly communication tools in recent years.

DNA Play is an app that introduces kids to the basic concepts of DNA in an easy pure-play style.

The science behind DNA is as difficult to understand as it is to explain it to children. 

Avokiddo has developed a great app that is a awesome way to introduce children to the basic concepts of DNA by allowing them to experiment with the mystery behind DNA, and how it works, through play.

DNA PLAY by Avikiddo is an engaging app to help,kids better understand what makes each person different. 

screenshot DNA Play


Kids learn how to build creatures by completing a series of simple DNA puzzles. They get creative and experiment with quirky mutations of different body parts by altering genes. And have fun playing with their monsters and change their form in real-time while they dance, skate, eat or sleep!

Kids are encouraged to create monsters by completing DNA chains. They can do this in 3 ways: finishing a DNA chain puzzle piece, rearranging the chain and touching one of the many changeable body parts ( body, head, arm, legs,). Once the monster has been created the kids can interact with their creation (eat, skateboard, play games). The graphics are bright and make use of many different colours. The completed monsters can be saved to a monster library for future use and photos taken and saved to your photo library.

screenshot DNA Play


Little scholars can create their own incredible monsters and transform them in real-time by building and tweaking their DNA! 

There are 200 billion unique life forms at their fingertips! 

  • Create & Mutate:
Kids can start with a basic unformed figure and complete the gene puzzles to give it a fully grown torso, face and limbs. 

Then they tweak the genes or simply tap on the creature's body parts to trigger mutations. 

They observe how the tiniest change in the DNA code can lead to unimaginable new characteristics. 

They will watch their creature turn from yellow to red, grow pink hair and 6 eyes, have its ears transform into fish fins and its belly pop out and crave for food.

Best of all, these are emotional creatures with vivid personalities, so prepare to be surprised!

screenshot DNA Play

  • Play & Explore:

Once kids complete all 6 body parts it's time to play with the monsters! Feed them, tweak them, push them, squeeze them, make them jump or slide! Go for a skateboard ride with them! Get to know their quirks.

  • Do they enjoy being chased by an elephant or being hypnotized?
  • Are they afraid of the dark?
  • Discover what makes them sneeze, laugh or cry, how their voice changes after mutating their faces! 
Try, experiment and evolve! Why stick with 2 short legs when 4 tall ones are so much better for flamenco dancing? Keep transforming and observe which forms look better in various activities! Take photos and share your genetic blueprints so friends can clone your beasts. Build your personal library of ready-to-play monsters.

screenshot DNA Play


• A simple introduction to DNA, genes and mutations;

• Build over 200 billion unique creatures;

• Complete the DNA puzzles, swap their pieces to mutate;

• Tap on body parts to trigger random mutations;

• Plenty of unexpected and hilarious interactions:

• Transform creatures in real-time while they dance, sleep, eat, skate & more;

• Save your creatures in a ready-to-play library;

• Save snapshots of your creations stamped with their DNA code;

• Parents' section includes basic info on DNA, illustrated tutorial, interaction hints & play ideas;

screenshot DNA Play

Level : Primary School education; Preschool education: 

Ideal for kids 3-7 years-old. The language is neutral game-play. Fantastic graphics, superb music and original sound design. No time limits, free-play style

DNA Play is designed to inspire kids and encourage them to ask questions, to push the limits of their imagination and show them how to inquire through experimentation! DNA Play is a fun free-play workshop and a wonderful introduction to a scientific field that encloses the mysteries of life itself.


iPad ; iPhone ; Android.

Download : iTunes ; Google Play.

Languages : 

  • English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish

Price: $2.99


"Create your own incredible monsters and transform them in real-time by building and tweaking their DNA! Over 200 billion unique life forms at your fingertips! "

The learning begins as students complete the DNA puzzles for each trait by matching up the DNA strand shapes. 

Once the puzzles are complete, that trait appears on the monster they are building. Then it is on to the next trait. 

These puzzles create the body, head, eyes, arms and legs and face of these silly monsters. The fun really begins! 

DNA Play

As children move the DNA strands around, different gene mutations appear and the creature’s appearance changes form. Through this app, little students begin to realize that different gene combinations result in different characteristics.

There are also fun and great accessories that appear on screen that bring the creature to life. 

Students will love watching their monster dance, skateboard and sleep. Or they can feed it pizza and other treats. The possibilities are truly endless and the play can go on and on for hours. Teachers must control the time to learn by playing.

No need to write about the importance of games and educational apps in School education. 

Today’s children are increasingly accustomed to consuming content in one short sitting. 

Games and apps are captivating tools to include in your lessons. You will be happy with the pedagogical results of your little students.

DNA Play

This app encourages knowlegde, research, and imaginary play. This app could be free. It's an amazing educational resource that is so important into science curriculum.

I also love how Avokiddo disguises important educational skills with play. As children are experimenting with puzzles, they are actually learning some incredible and valuable scientific knowledge in science. 

It is fun, educational, and silly. Exactly what a child needs! 

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