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Apps at school : Learning Spanish, foreign language

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After PhotoMath app, published on October, or Words app on August, here I am writing about apps in Education and much more along the years. 

Today let's talk about Learn Spanish by MindSnacks, an app to teach and learn a foreign language on phones or tablets. 

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Tired of boring Spanish classes and lifeless language apps? You want teach or learn to speak and read Spanish as foreign language at school? You can do it all by playing games forgetting the old-fashioned repetitious lessons. 

  • Learn Spanish by MindSnacks' app is crammed with nine rich and engaging games designed to build vocabulary, boost conversation skills and prevent students becoming a flashcard flipping zombie.
  • Instead, they will transform into a Spanish speaking savant with lessons that go beyond memorization and teach things like word gender, pronoun usage and the conjugation of -AR, -ER and -IR verbs

  • And since everyone learns at their own pace, the unique algorithm personalizes the experience by selectively repeating content with which students have struggled. 
  • What’s more, spoken audio clips will help add that extra bit of panache to their pronunciation.


The app teaches words, phrases and grammar making lessons funLearn Spanish by MindSnacks with 9 addictive games designed for essential vocabulary and conversation skills.

MindSnacks' Spanish app is perfect for young students and kids. Easy building vocabulary and conversation skills: a set of flashcard lessons with about 1000 words and phrases, 9 minigames + extras.

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Learn Spanish by MindSnacks
MindSnacks’ app has different games meant to help students learn the language. In one game, for example, they click the word on the screen to match the Spanish word they have just heard. Students play against the clock while water is draining out of an on-screen fish tank. Think quickly: Is “ocho” eight or 18? That fish is going to die if you get it wrong! 

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Learn Spanish by MindSnacks


  • 9 addictive and unique games;

  • 1000+ Spanish words & phrases to study and master;

  • Spoken audio clips provided by a native Spanish speaker to help with pronunciation;
  • Hand-illustrated image library to help memorize words;
  • 50 Spanish lessons designed by Ivy League instructors (upgrade required);
  • Personalized learning algorithms to maximize memorization, retention & contextual usage;
  • Enhanced review mode lets you replay previously mastered lessons;
  • Additional quests & challenges will keep you motivated;
  • Not a single tedious, boring, mind-numbing or snooze-inducing quiz, class or lesson allowed.

Education Level:

Primary grades




It's a free app


This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad

Video games at school

Some thoughts:

"MindSnacks believes learning should be delicious. I agree special in early age. When education excites kids, they devour knowledge; but when it doesn’t, that information may as well be cafetaria food. It may be packed full of vitamins and minerals, but it’s gosh-darn hard to swallow."


Educational games and apps have been offered as one good solution, a solution that applies to both the traditional classroom as well as the informal learning.

Some of us used to think of educational games as either a time-filler or, at best, a supplement to traditional course materials. 

They were rarely seen as integral to the learning process. Attitudes changed, though, as educators discovered an increasing number of empirical studies or teachers' experiments that suggested game-based learning and educational games improve academic performance. 

Perfect for beginning and intermediate learners of Latin American Spanish, MindSnacks is like their own personal Spanish teacher they can take just about anywhere on phone or tablet, in the classroom or at home.

Students will quickly become less reliant on that Spanish dictionary and learn the grammar and vocab needed for talking or travelling to Spain or other Spanish-speaking countries. 

Badges and scores add to the experience, and the app changes the formula enough to keep students interest.

Give your young students/children the chance to learn all the letters a foreign language in an easy and fun way, with Learn Spanish by MindSnacks 

"If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart."

Nelson Mandela

Note:  The educational digital resources and tools published on my blog are my own choices. I don't do advertising.

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