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World Cup in School : Resources & Ideas

Google doodle World Cup 2014

The 20th Fifa World Cup kicked off yesterday, June 12. Students boys and girls are excited about it! Their team will be there, for sure. And they will want to know everything about the matches, the team and the host country Brazil.

They can learn about another culture's traditions, food and holidays. 

Google doodle screenshot WC2014

Google could not miss it. Since yesterday Google is celebrating the launch of the 2014 Fifa World Cup with some doodles on its homepage.

On the first doodle students and teachers who landed on the search engine’s homepage saw a football bounce onto the screen, in the green and yellow of host nation Brazil's official flag.

The letters which make up the Google's logo then sprout tiny stick arms and legs and bob up and down, while a cartoon version of Rio de Janeiro unfolds in the background.

Iconic landmarks appear in the depiction, including the almost 100ft statue of Christ the Redeemer pictured atop the Corcovado Mountain, and cable cars travelling to the Sugar Loaf Mountain. If they missed it, here the video:

Why not to introduce the Word Cup 2014 in your class as we have done during the 2012 Olympic Games ?

The World Cup began yesterday, June 12 and will end the 15 July 2014. On July, most of the students in primary and high school in Europe and some other continents wiil be out of school for summer holiday. Thus, a great number will be in class in July until the final part of the World Cup.

They are talking about their heros, the players of their team or about a famous one, as Ronaldo, the Portuguese player.


Teachers are preparing their lessons for the end of school time. But I am sure that they will include the World Cup 2014, of course. Teachers can not lose this awesome experience! Such a great resource to include real life and students interests in different school curriculum or better in cross-curricular

The theme can empower your students to become globally connected critical thinkers, problem solvers, and decision makers who truly make a difference in the lives of others around the world.

I am sure that a lot of students will want to talk about it. Brazilian students are the luckiest because some of them will be at stadiums  with their parents watching live. 

The great number of them will be watching live on television or on the Internet day by day supporting their favourite players and teams. And the most curious will know a lot about World Cup to share in the classroom with you and their classmates. This time, you will learn a lot with your students. For sure !

World Cup 2014 | Opening Ceremony

Teachers are wondering how they might incorporate the WC2014 into the curriculum or searching for resources.

It's a special event that can get young people excited about their learning across the curriculum. So the tournament starts, check out my selection of World Cup-themed lesson resources.


Here some lesson ideas and resources that will help teachers use football to tackle learning across a range of subjects, cross-curricular, covering all age groups on primary and secondary education. Check out my selection of World Cup-themed lesson resources:

  • Tour Street of Brazil, Google Art Project:
screenshot Google

Two days ago Google launched a fantastic project on Street Art, A Tour to Streets of Brazil. The little guy is here to take students on a tour of Brazil’s cities in all their World Cup glory. 

screenshot Google Tour to streets of Brazil

They must click on the link and it will take them to a special Google Maps collection of all the painted cities of Brazil.

If students can't be there, this is the best tool to explore. Students can create photo spheres of where they're celebrating the World Cup with the new Google Camera app for Android.

  • 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil website 
Students can read about matches, teams player, groups, awards, curiosities, and other staff.

They can explore the Live Activity Map or join the global conversation.

They can follow WC2014 on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google + using iPads, iPhones, smartphones,

  • Astronauts' Message: Three astronauts on the International Space station send good luck messages to their teams as the World Cup 2014 starts. The astronauts, one German and two American, play football in the weightless atmosphere of the space station. 

  • NASA Goes to the World Cup 2014 here. The students can explore images of  all the participating #worldcup countries from NASA's perspective!
  • The World Cup : A Fair Game? website
Activities to support students to use football to examine inequality between and within countries, explore footballers and other people who have taken action to make the world fairer, examine news around the World Cup, consider how making new rules in football could make the game fairer, and understand the causes, effects and solutions to inequality in Brazil and what are the benefits and disadvantages of hosting the World Cup?
  • Pencil Street Brazil World Cup 2014 resources: Teachers will find a selection of worksheets and activities.
  • Google has recently launched a comprehensive World Cup website, with instant updates, trending topics, match lineups and other info.
Before World Cup kicks-off the EU launched a campaign designed to raise awareness of the sexual exploitation of minors in#Brazil
  • The ‘Don’t Look Away’ (or @Não Desvie o Olhar) campaign, supported by well-known footballers, such as Ricardo Kakà and Juninho Pernambucano, targets Brazilians and foreigners who are attending the#WorldCup2014, raising awareness amongst both football fans and citizens alike that sexual exploitation is a crime. 
Watch the video of the campaign and discuss it with your students:

  • Ask your students to find some World Cup-themed videos that they might enjoy to discuss in the classroom.
  • Write some interesting tweets. Twitter's rule makes the students getting their thoughts down porperly and in a concise way.
  • Use the Opening Ceremony to teach about Brazil, the host nation.
  • Use the Google doodles every day as a quizz

There are so many resources that you can choose, prepare, or create ! 

Cross-curricular : Languages ; Civics ; Arts ; Sports ; History ; Geography ; Music.

Level: All levels


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