Saturday, April 17, 2010

And now, Alice for the Ipad

Alice - Ipad screenshot

Of course I love paper books. But I have to admit that ebooks can, indeed, do stuff that paper books cannot. 


A good example of this is Alice for the iPad, Lewis Carroll’s story of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland turned into a children’s storybook but with an interactive twist.

Every illustration is restored from the original Alice in Wonderland book, by Lewis Carroll, then rendered in mesmerising full-color. 

This iPad app includes 52 pages and 20 amazing animated scenes. It’s stunning!

Alice - Ipad screenshot

It will be a lovely educational resource to be used into the classroom, on Primary education.

The story will never be the same twice because you’re Alice’s guide through Wonderland.

Yes, still I bealive (and practice) that reading should be a quiet and relaxing activity, and that there’s nothing quite like communing with the pages of a well-read classic, but this video makes reading “Alice in Wonderland” look likes like a lot of fun. 

Techonologies and imagination don't stop! Marvelous!

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