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Schools : Messy Mia : ebook on Ancient Technology

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Messy Mia is a fun storybook that teaches kids about the old technology their parents grew up with. Reminisce about the past and share stories about Cassette Players, Walkmans, VCRs & Dial Up Internet!

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Some information: 

Messy Mia is a story of a young girl learning how per parents grew up and survived without today’s modern technology. Mia & her fun loving pet robot embark on a quest to find her mom’s TV remote in this much loved interactive storybook. Messy Mia makes the process of learning so much fun that kids just love it!

Playing the ‘What’s That?’ picture quiz and have fun, educators can watch how kids react to outdated old technology such as Typewriters, Old Cell Phones, Old Video Games, Camera Film, Floppy Discs and so much more!

screenshot Messy Mia

The story has 20 fully interactive pages with sound, and also includes 4 fun games ‘Color Mia’, ‘Match the Tech’, ‘Tidy Mia’s Room’ and ‘Memory’.
Key Features
  • 20 fully interactive pages
  • 4 fun games
  • Spanish and English versions
  • ‘Read myself’ and ‘Read to me’ versions

Messy Mia and the Tale of Ancient Tech tells the story of a young girl learning about technology from days gone past. In her journey to find her mom’s TV remote, Mia makes friends with Zed, a friendly robot keen to tell her all about old technology. Kids learn about the differences in technology from when VHS and dial-up internet were common, to today’s high tech world.

screenshot Messy Mia

The ebook is a fun story for young chidren. It reinforces learning through three reflection sections. These help kids think about what they have learned in the book, and reflect on how things have changed from the past.

The ebook is ideal for kids aged 3-6, and is both educational and entertaining. Kids learn about old technology, helping them understand how technology has developed over time. Messy Mia is a wonderful app.

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  • English
  • Spanish
Both Spanish and English versions are available. Kids can read the book on their own language, or have it read to them in both languages.

Level : Preschool ; Primary education (3-6 years-old)


iTunesiPad, iPhone - Free

Google : Android - 0,99€

Kindle : ebook - 0,99£

screenshot Messy Mia

It's a fun ebook for kids and parents. Definitely recommend Messy Mia and the Ancient Tech for preschoolers and first grades primary school.

It will be awesome to have both generations (educators, teachers, parents and kids) learn from each other about how they play and how things have changed.



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