Monday, July 22, 2013

European Languages: a digital resource

Yes, I continue for some days. Not yet on holiday. Soon, I reallly hope.

So, if you are teaching Humanities, Languages, here an interesting digital resource about European Languages.

Your students will learn the 'word" in different European Languages, dialects and minority languages, visualizing it on a digital map. 

The link is 'The word for "word" in European Languages' here

Curriculum: Languages; Geography.

Level: Kindergarten; Primary Education; Elementary Education.

Objectives: Intercultural values. 

Tools: Internet; tablets; smartphones.

It is a simple resource, but students will love to learn the same "word" in different languages and correct geographic context . Don't forget to tell them that dialects and minority languages are written in italics.

At the same time, they can learn a bit of Geography about Europe and countries' frontiers.

They will understand that culture is not so different from a country to another.

You can to start a pen-pals project on Internet, by email, for example, with some of these European countries. Students love pen-pals.

For the youngest, create a school account that they can use only in the classroom with your help.

Thanks to @Amazing_Maps.


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