Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Holiday

Today is March 29 Good Friday. Easter is the most important Christian religious holiday and widely regarded as the second most popular holiday in general after Christmas.

The students got Easter school break. And families would like to enjoy a host of Easter egg hunts across some countries.

But Easter 2013 is the coldest Easter since 1910, they say. And it will be difficult for those kids and families to enjoy this traditional host of Easter egg hunts outdoor.

However there are a lot of activities at Museums or public Libraries in every city or town.

Many youngsters don't go to the Museum or the public library. Maybe family life is too busy. Maybe they haven't yet got the cultural habit. 

But, during these two days, you will have the time. By the way, did you know that the word "breakfast" originates from "breaking the fast" after a 40 day lent period preceding Easter?

So, many things to learn and share. But most of all so mnany good things to enjoy!

Wishing you a Happy Easter Season! Blog resumes as normal next week.


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