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International School Library Day 2012

Throughout October, every year, the world celebrates International School Library Month, the perfect time for students to visit their own school library and browse through the hundreds of books and several e-books available to them!

International School Library Day was proclaimed by the IASL President, Dr Blanche Woolls, in 1999 and reaffirmed by the IASL President, Peter Genco, in 2005.

The 1st International School Library Day was celebrated on 18 October 1999, with the theme, "A Day in the Life...".

The change to International School Library Month was approved by the IASL Board in December 2007.

This change coincides with the 10th anniversary of IASL celebrating school libraries. International School Library Month will allow those in charge of school libraries around the world to choose a day in October that best fits their specific situation in order to celebrate the importance of school libraries".

The SLM theme for 2012 is:

School Libraries: a Key to the Past, Present & Future.

In Portugal the ILSM is on the 22th October. This is the reason why I write this post today.

Bibliotecas Escolares


"We should teach great books; we should teach a love of reading."

B.F. Skinner

Some Suggestions:

Let's begin our lesson today watching this awesome animation about books with our students:

Of course, you must not forget The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore

  • If you have your own blog for students as I have, ask your students to create a special post to publicise 'International School Library Day'. They can write some ideas or some opinions about a book they read in the classroom;
  • If you don't have a blog for students, but your school library has a website, create with your students a special page to publish the work of the students about ISLD. Tell the IASL webmaster so he can link to your blog or page;
  • Tell people (teachers, students, parents) in your school community about International School Library Day and the importance of school libraries in teaching and learning. Ask students to create some posters (you can do it in a cross-curricular Languages & Arts. Then spread the word by sharing those posters with other classmates, teachers and students;
  • Let your students to pick a book or a e-book at the school library. Then in the classroom, distribute all the books for different students. They must be included in different groups;
  • After reading the book, every group of students must work one or two activities: creating a different end, including other characters, developing the story in a different way, preparing a discussion about the authors and books, after some research on their tablets or smartphones;
  • Prepare a school newspaper and include on it some of the best creative works well written by your students;
  • With your students, search on the Internet, Twitter or Facebook for information  about School Library Day in other countries; 
  • Organize a Google Hangout inviting a teacher and students from a different school and discuss the theme, some books, or the importance of reading in curriculum:
  • Use the hangout conclusions or students exchange project as the aim for a discussion on the ways International School Libraries or just school libraries differ around the world.


Other Activities:

Take part in one of the special activities organised by IASL to celebrate International School Library Day this year. There is some information on this website to help you. 

For example The Bookmark Project:

"The ISLM Bookmark Project involves matched schools making homemade bookmarks that reflects the International School Library Month theme.

Last year 16,691 students, ranging in ages from 4 to 17 years, from schools in 23 countries participated in the Project."

Portugal, Spain, UK, Croatia, Hungary, the USA, Hong Kong China, Canada, India, Australia, the West Indies, Romania, Italy, Mainland China, Russia, Scotland, the Ireland, Singapore, Slovenia, the Republic of Georgia, Indonesia, Poland and Nigeria all enjoyed bookmarks from new friends living in another part of the world.

The Bookmark Exchange Project is a fun way of sharing the pleasure and delights of books, e-books and libraries and of making new friends through school libraries worldwide. 

You and your students can participate now. Read more here

Submissions received after th 31 October 2012 may not be included on the ISLM "What people are doing" web pages.

Well, of course my usual readers know that I write often about reading books and e-books. 

A school library in the XXI century must have the new gadgets: e-books, e-readers and other devices  in order to involve  the new generation of readers. 

A school library must meet the needs of many different kind of learners. Never forget children's preparation for e-readers, especially with students from disadvantaged social backgrounds or special needs

Integrating digital and media literacy as critical elements for education at all levels in school, is essential to keep our students near the school libraries.

As I already wrote on this blog, implementing e-readers into the school libraries program is about more than just jumping on the latest technological bandwagon or attempting to reinvent the library in order to stay relevant. It’s about 'good practice in school library', and 'impressive support to students'.

School library
via BerkeleyCarroll school

School libraries must be prepared to introduce innovative devices. The teachers librarians must be very innovative. School directors are not so open to new ideas. But fight for your ideas.

In their efforts to implement e-books, school libraries face a set of challenges that differ from those confronting their public and academic counterparts. 

At the school libraries around the world are continuing to look forward to a future rich with ebooks.

School libraries are integrated learning spaces that values connections between home, school, community, and the world.

Flexibility, creativity and the ability to question are some of the most important transferrable skills that children and young people will need in the fluid, changeable and unpredictable world of work they will emerge into when they eventually leave school. So pay attention at the front!

And finally! You do remember this video? Just lovely!

You see, we have the "Net-Gen" in our classrooms! But a book is still an enchantment!

Read with your students! Show them the wonders of their imaginations!

Encourage their creativity, and never let them lose their sense of wonder.

"Books belong to their readers"

John Green


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IASL's Coordinator of International School Library Day: Rick Mulholland (Canada)
The International School Library Day Logo: Peter Rugendyke (North Pinjarra, Western Australia)

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