Friday, May 25, 2012

International Missing Children's Day

Missing Children Europe is the European Federation for Missing and Sexually Exploited Children. 

It represents 28 Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) active in 19 Member States of the European Union and Switzerland. 

Each of these organisations is active in cases of missing and/or sexually exploited children at grassroots level, including prevention and support for victims.

Missing Children Europe (MCE), the European Federation for Missing and Sexually Exploited Children is launching a campaign today to raise awareness of the European telephone number for missing children: 
  • #116 000 hotline
The 116 000 hotline has proven its efficiency in helping families faced with a child disappearance. 

Some numbers:

More than 3000 cases of missing children were dealt with in 2011 among 10 hotlines. 

However, and despite the increasing number of cross-border cases, the hotline is not yet operational or known in all EU countries.

"It is essential for us to raise awareness of this phone number, as experience shows that the first hours following a child’s disappearance are of vital importance,"

Sir Francis Jacobs, President of MCE

To promote the hotline, MCE  released a video in all countries where the 116 000 hotline is available and launches a new Google Search Appliance for missing children in cooperation  with its partners Google and Telefono Azzurro

The annual commemoration on 25 May of "International Missing Children’s Day", will be followed by a high-level conference at the European Commission on 30 May.

The video shows that disappearance can affect children of all ages and backgrounds, and presents the 116 000 as a service that aims at preserving  the future of the children who go missing. 

It is available since today 25 May in 16 European countries and will be disseminated online via the websites of MCE’s members, as well as on television and at movie theatres in several EU Member States. 

Important links for Parents and Schools:
  • What is this phone nr. here
  • National contact points here
  • Safety Tips for Parents here
  • Download the poster in your language here and share it with your students

Why Miosotis flower? Because Myosotis is commonly called "Forget-me-nots". And we can not forget every missing child.

As an educator, I can't ! I talk about it with my students and help them to understand the danger they face every day. 

In the classroom, we discuss the theme around some exemples of missing children and young adults. 

They understand the difficulties they can face on the street on their way to school, or on the bad use of the Internet.

I invite them to talk with teir parents, grandparents or younger brothers or sisters.

I can not forget Missing Children in Europe and all over the world.

Children are our future and they believe in a better world. As I do.

Let children remember summer
Let the children be children
Let the children play safe in the park 
Aldo Kraas
"Together, we can make Europe a safer place for our children,” 

Sir Francis Jacobs


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